Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Photo a Day Challenge wrap up

As we finish up the summer, it's time to wrap up another month of photos.

It's continuing to work out well having my fat mum slim's photo a day challenge photos on Pinterest, so I put my August photos up there.  I still don't need any more daily content on this blog, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can check out the entire board here (or by clicking on the above photo).  I'm just sharing a few of the highlights in this post today.

Day 3: Coin
 Leftover tokens from the Lakefront Brewery. I did the tour with my brother and his girlfriend when they visited in July.

Day 5: Logo
At one of the many small neighborhood bars within blocks of our house.

Day 10: Ring
I had been wanting a stacker ring set from Madelynn for...a long time. She had a 20% off sale this summer, and I splurged on this beautiful set. And yes, it was so hard to pick. All of her rings are beautiful.

Day 14: Arrow
One of the signs leading the way to Miller Park.

Day 16: Food
Day 19: Hole
Playground equipment.

Day 21: Cool
I think it is so cool that someone would build something like this

Day 26: Dream
Still dreaming. I really want to make this happen within the next year.

Day 27: Tap

Day 28: Clock
I'm really proud that I found something new that wasn't too far from home for this prompt this month. We'll see what happens when it comes up again in one of these hunts/challenges.

Again, you can check out the entire set of August photos on Pinterest right here.

Here is my insight about these challenges:
  • My confession: I don't always stick to the given days. Many of you already know that I do not always take the photo prompts on their given days. I believe that I get better photos this way than I do if I force the photos every day. I also only take the time to upload and edit these photos once or twice a week.
  • Is it tough to participate in this challenge and the Scavenger and Macro challenges? The short answer to this question is pretty much always yes. I was more successful pulling everything together before the last minute this month than I was in July. We were still out and about a lot this month, and while not a lot of the prompts matched up, I did a better job getting the prompts shot away from home.
  • It is worth it? Definitely yes. The past couple months, I've explained that these challenges help me grow my photo supply for my long term earning freelance articles. When I write articles like this, they go a lot more quickly when I can pull my own photos instead of having to search for high quality, relevant images. The other thing I can confidently say now after completing this for several months is that it is it really helping my photography skills. I started to burn out on photography from doing so much product photography the past few years. This has energized me and taken my work to a new level.

I am participating next month.  I am also planning to continue to not force photos everyday and only take time to upload once or twice a week.  If you're interested in participating for September, check out the prompt list right here.

What have you been photographing lately?


  1. I remember your post about the stacking rings - what a nice gift to yourself :)
    I plan to go to the park this weekend to take some practice shots with my new DSLR. It is not as easy as it looks!!

  2. Oooo...those coins have the wheels in my brain turning! Wouldn't engraved ones be cool!
    And I ♥ your new ring set! What a great gift for yourself :)

  3. Great photos! I love seeing your challenge photos. When life slows down a bit, I'm going to find me some photo challenges to do. I always amaze myself at what items or places I can find art in.

  4. I started to do the same photo challenge... I lasted two days. Whoops!

    Those rings are gorgeous! I love her shop.

  5. Those hotdogs look awesome. Okay, I'm hungry as I've not eaten anything yet today. Need to fix that.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  6. Your photos are getting more artistic. I really enjoy seeing what you photograph each month. Your ring set is beautiful! Did you decide for sure on the Canon? I've been photographing lots of nature and cats. Go figure!

  7. Love your take on your world! I did this photo challenge several months back and enjoyed it. We do learn better skills as we progress along. Maybe I will go check out the link for Sept.

  8. It is totally evident that doing this has helped you to grow in your photography skills! I really love the angles/ perspectives that are starting to emerge in your work- like the "food" and "tap" shots. So neat!

  9. glad that you're getting out and taking lots of photos. Love looking at the photo of the day. I agree; I think you will find better photos if you don't pushed yourself to one-word/one-day. But I guess there's a purpose in that too! Congrats. {:-D

  10. It is amazing to me how taking a single angle of a simple item (such as the playground equipment) can yield such interesting results. I'm impressed that you are keeping up with your photography challenges, and that's wonderful that you are building your own photo portfolio for your posts.

  11. What a neat challenge! I've never seen something like this before. I love all of the different categories. So cool!


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