Tuesday, July 26, 2011

another house update

This post won't be quite as detailed as my house update from last week, but I've gotten a few more things accomplished that I thought I'd share.

This first thing actually isn't something I did, but I thought many of you would appreciate it.  I don't know who put this in and if they made them or bought them, but it's a cute idea and would be very easy to make yourself.  These are the door jam for the purple bedroom.

I've washed and put away almost all of our china.  My mom's mom had a huge collection.  When she moved into a retirement community a few years ago, she split it and gave half to me and half to her other granddaughter.  Several members of her family had bought the same china pattern so all of our stuff matches.  This is just a look at most of the cups/glasses and some of the bigger pieces.  Some of them are more modern pieces that we got for our wedding.  I'll have to photograph the plates and bowls some other time.  You may have noticed in the last update with the dining room table that we have a built in china hutch, which is where all of these pieces are stored now.

I have my computer desk area mostly arranged now.  I know that between this area and all of my purple bedroom storage, I have a slightly ridiculous number of desks/tables.  Hopefully this will help me stay organized and reduce the amount of clutter that I create, though.  And yep, that cord hanging down is a cable dropped through the ceiling.  I use wireless Internet in the basement and we don't have cable TV so it isn't doing much.  I'll brag again about the amount of light in our house.  I took this picture during the day with all natural light.  In the basement.

Finally, Angel would sleep on our coach sometimes in the condo.  Now that it's in the basement in this house, she sleeps on it almost every day.

I do my best to post my newest craft hub links on my group forums, but if anyone has missed them or hasn't checked the sidebar list lately, here are my newest crafty hubs.


  1. WOW, you have that much light in your basement! Oh, how wonderful that Angel has her own room & bed...LOL

    So cool that you got g'ma's china, you must cherish it.

    You've inspired me to share a part of our neighborhood. It will be up Sunday for I Saw Sunday.

  2. Those door jams are so cute :) And all that light is so great!

    I see you have lots of etched glass!!! I can't wait to start making my own! And the built in China hutch is great!

  3. Those door jam things are cute! I haven't seen anything like that before. Your basement is very bright. It's nice that Angel has her very own sofa!

  4. lucky Angel, to have a full-size bed! The china cabinet is wonderful, and to be able to fill it with china! Lucky you! Sounds like you're mostly settled in! {:-D

  5. I wish we had that much light in our house!
    The door jams are very cute :)
    I bet Angel loves napping on that comfy couch. She's so sweet!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Edi, we definitely do. A lot of the vintage wine glasses are etched.

    And yes, Angel loves the couch and having so much of her "own" space in the basement. :)


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