Thursday, July 7, 2011

back in black and white

I listed a new button charm bracelet this week.

It's available here.  I know that last month I mentioned that the only designs I had left to list were both green, but that's only because for some reason I kept forgetting about this black and white one.  It's been one of my best selling button charm bracelet designs so I keep making new versions of it.

I actually put off making this one for a while because I thought the tiny black and white buttons were going to be hard to find again, but they weren't.  I should have gone looking and put this together months ago.  Anyway, the black and white design is where I originally started using the tiny buttons and seed beads.  It's because of its success that I've continued using them in other button charm bracelet designs.

A while back, I made a version that had these awesome vintage white with black circle shank buttons.  You can see it here.  I wish that I'd had more of them to include in the newest version.  I still love the way it turned out, though.  I also love how great the black and white looks against the gray background.  When I re-shot a bunch of old pieces against white last summer, one of the things that I consistently had trouble with was the black and white ones.  Many of the pictures had a weird pink or yellow tint like ones in that listing do.  No more with the gray!


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