Monday, July 11, 2011

Saturday Link List...moved to Monday for this week

Here's this week's edition of my link list.  Enjoy!

I shared this recipe a couple years ago here when I first made this (and took the picture above), but I found it again as I was organizing old bookmarks recently.  I figured I'd share it again since I've gained a lot of blog followers since then.  I don't make a lot of bread or rolls from scratch (although I may more now that I'm not working full time), but these are definitely worth the effort.  If you've ever had pretzel bread or rolls from a restaurant or bakery, you'll be surprised at how similar these are.  I usually make them with stew or soup.

I don't use a lot of beaded loop and toggles in my beadwork these days, but it's a fun option.  You can create numerous variations of the one detailed on this site.

I included this site because it has a Social Media Alerts function, which is version similar to Google Alerts, except that it's for Social Media.  This is a great way to track your own business as well as numerous other topics that you may be interested in following.

I've been using uline for my bulk bubble mailer orders and had totally forgotten about this site until I was sorting through my old bookmarks.  Royal Mailers actually offers better prices for smaller orders than uline does.  If you're like me and not ordering more than 100 at a time, this is a good option.  They also offer free shipping.

Etsy Stalker was created by two women who wanted to feature Etsy sellers through through interviews and profiles.  You can apply to have your site featured.  They also have advertising spots available.  In case you don't already spend enough of your free time browsing on Etsy already, it can be another fun place to discover great items and shops.


  1. Very Cool! Thank you!

  2. Social Mention and Etsy Stalker both look great! Off to check them out!

  3. I'll have to check out Etsy Stalker. Those rolls look really good and I like that toggle too!

  4. thanks for the links! They are always so need to link to! {:-D

  5. These are all great links! The rolls look delicious! If I ever have time, it would be fun to make a stitched bracelet and include a clasp like this. Thanks, Rose!

  6. You're welcome everyone! Thanks for the feedback.


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