Thursday, July 21, 2011

update: house organization

It's been a while since I posted any pictures of what we've been working on around the house lately.  I thought that everyone would enjoy a little update.

When my mom was in town earlier this month, we painted the living room and main floor bathroom.  The living room was Packer yellow and terribly done.  Whoever painted it didn't tape the woodwork and painted right over the light switches and whatnot.  The bathroom color somehow escaped me when we were first looking at the house.  It was the most dull shade of light purple that I'd ever seen.  I'd been thinking about painting the purple bedroom first, but the bathroom had to change.  Secretly (or not so secretly anymore) I love the purple bedroom so it's staying.

We were promised this dining room table from my in-laws 3 years ago or so.  Now that we have a dining room, we made a big push to get it.  I just ordered some new seat cushions.

The previous owner left this candle holder behind.  I got a tip to look for candles at a dollar store.  Normally I don't shop there, but it is an excellent place to find very inexpensive candles.

For now, I'm using the purple bedroom for my craft storage and photo staging.  When we have kids, I can transfer a lot of this to the basement (where there will be tons of room when we've finished unpacking the remaining boxes).  I say storage because I do the vast majority of my jewelry making while sitting on the sofa.  This room is large enough that I may get motivated to do some of my other craft projects like button magnets and card making in here.

The previous owner left all of these wire storage units behind in the second and third bedroom closets.  Can you believe that there are empty spaces in them right now?  I may try to transfer some of what is on the desks right now into these units so I have some real work space in this room.

The previous owner also left a computer desk behind so this spare one is in this room.  I'd like to use this space for my other crafty projects.  Right now it mostly has my future project ideas as well as one of my my button gluing trays. Both desks in this room have slide out keyboard trays so I can move a lot of this stuff onto those.

This set up isn't too different from the condo.  Isn't it great how much light this house has?  I shot these pictures in natural daylight with no lights on.

This is the one corner of the room that I haven't done much with yet.  I'd like to get a bookcase for the empty space.  Jake is using the small table that I used for my keyboard for something else right now so I haven't set it up yet.

These final cubes have my card making supplies as well as a few other random craft supplies.  I have a lot more stamps, stickers, etc. elsewhere, but this is what I'd organized before we left so it's what's here now.  I'll keep adding as I keep unpacking.

Finally, in case anyone was wondering, Angel is pretty relaxed here now, especially in the basement.


  1. You're so organized! How great that the previous owners left such great stuff behind! (We just got junk!)
    Glad Angel is settling in well :)

  2. Thanks for the house tour. I myself have been renovating. I retired from sewing a year ago April, so we gutted that room right back to the studs, also lowered the ceiling in the stairwell outside this room, and added a storage space inside the closet of that room. The last things I have to do are refinish the hardwood floor and then add the baseboards and my room will be up and running again. A place to bead and make a mess!! Then on to painting the stairwell, living room and dining room, but all has to wait until mid September when I return home. Always something to do, but on to my next beading project!!

  3. Your house looks way to clean and organized. I would be so embarrassed to show you mine! lol

  4. Wow! Look at how organized you are! My stuff is a mess! It's good you have your own space for things now. I like the purple walls too! I'm glad that Angel is doing so well and of course she's looking as cute as always!

  5. looks like you guys have a good start! It can be annoying when people leave stuff behind, but at least you're liking most of it and finding uses for it:) And I'm SO jealous of the light!!

  6. You are lucky that you were able to use what was left behind! Have fun creating in your new space.

  7. All if these perfectly organized spaces are inspiring me to get my butt organized!

  8. I wish I had so much space! Your house looks beautiful, and all the natural light is wonderful.

  9. The natural light is wonderful and it's great you're getting so organized.

  10. I'd love to have a spare room, to put all my crafts and computer in. Looks like you're getting settled in! {:-D

  11. Angel DOES look relaxed! She approves! That's good!
    I think the purple room looks cheery.
    How great that family is nearby (or will travel) to help you!
    so glad you're beginning
    to feel settled in your new place!

  12. "Randomcreative" has been included in the seventh edition of this years Thinking of Christmas Gifts in July. I hope this helps to attract many more new customers.

  13. The left-behind keepers are great Rose! Enjoying your space from mine, watching a box at a time turning your house into your home.

    Angel is adorable, furbabies should all be so loved.

    All of the remodeling, decorating, redecorating, etc going on around the team is encouraging and motivating.

  14. How neat that they left so many treasures behind.. You know what I go to the dollar store for? Posterboard, that is what I take my pictures on.. It shames me to think I used to spend a dollar or more on one sheet. Now I get them 4 for a dollar.. so I care less when one gets a little bent, or a smudge of something on it.. I already have a stock of them, lol..and Cute Bathroom!

  15. Thanks everyone! We definitely did get junk from our previous owner, but we got a lot of good stuff, too.

    I will do my best to keep up the organization. And I will continue to enjoy all of the natural light.

    Kristin, thanks for the tip with the poster board!


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