Monday, July 4, 2011

June Top Droppers and July happenings

Happy Fourth of July!

A new month means that once again, it's time to thank my Top Droppers.  I really appreciate everyone who drops by my blog regularly, especially those of you who comment.  It means a lot to me that I have a handful of people who come by every day and let me know what they're thinking pretty often.  I especially appreciate it this past month when I've been much less active online than usual with all of the moving craziness.

Here is the Top 10 list for June.
1) Sparkle
2) The Pond
3) Learn Affiliate Marketing
4) BeadedTail
5) the crazy suburban mom
6) Patsy's Photos
7) Dave Lucas
8) The Sewing Mom
9) Dragon's Alley
10) Melissa's Gem and Jewelry Blog

Here are some lovely Etsy items from a few of the ladies who comment here regularly.  Start leaving me some messages and you may see one of your items here next month!

I have to give a shout out to Nancy at nfall2rt who has been busy with wedding planning for a friend.  Please go check out her shop when she returns!

Safari - Zebra, Leopard, and Giraffe Print Polymer Clay and Black Onyx Beaded Antiqued Brass Earrings by BeadedTail

RED MARDI GRAS Fun Bracelet Using a small variety of pretty related colors in reds this one of a kind bracelet "Mardi Grass" by SaffronRoadJewels

Custom Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper Engraved Optic Crystal by memoriesforlifesb

Collage and paint art journal - Birdhouse Book by storybeader

Christmas in July doesn't officially start on Etsy until later this month, but I will be running a sale most of the month.  I'm marking down lots of red and green items 15% and all of my Christmas items 25%.  I'm also giving away a free pair of red and blue button earrings with every order all month.  I'll have more information about all of that later this week.

FYI, you will be able to order the button earrings separately, too.  I'll still send an extra pair with that order.  I ran a promotion like this at Christmas that was very successful.  Hopefully this one will be, too.


  1. thanks for including my journal, even though I wasn't on your list this month. You've reminded me of Christmas in July! Had forgotten all about that - good luck in your sale! {:-D

  2. Thanks for featuring my bottle stopper :)
    Good luck with your CIJ sale!

  3. Thanks for featuring my earrings and thanks for dropping on me too! Wishing you lots of sales!

  4. I know I don't comment much (unless kitties are involved), but I really do enjoy coming by! Thanks for the acknowledgement!

  5. You're welcome ladies! I love getting to feature your items. Thanks Sparkle! I really appreciate that.


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