Wednesday, July 27, 2011

in the works this week and other updates

I've spent most of this past week working on my design piece for Kristie's team reveal, which is on Friday.  Here are a couple sneak peaks of my champagne herringbone rope for it.

The September EBW Challenge theme is Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My.  You can read more about it here.   You can take any element of lions, tigers, and bears and pair it with any element from The Wizard of Oz.  I am still obsessed with my right angle weave base that I've used for my last two challenge pieces.  I was planning on using Swarovskis as embellishment with a similar base for this challenge.  I had to go to Michael's last week to get something for my design piece and I picked up these beads instead.
I have used Swarovskis a few times, mostly because of the Art Beads blogging program.  They are neat, but they honestly aren't my favorite.  These beads won't have the same bling that the Swarovskis, too, but they will definitely be more colorful and fun, which also fits with this theme.  I am also very proud of the fact that I got out of Michael's only spending $16.  I had a 25% off everything coupon which helped.  Always go to Michael's with a coupon!

I finished my design piece on Sunday and have started working on my Wizard of Oz piece.
I asked Sharla if she had any good resources for paw print charms.  She very generously offered to send me one from her own collection.  Thanks Sharla!  It's on its way right now.  It will be my animal component for this piece.

Also, catching up, I finally found the picture of myself wearing one of Yvonne's pendants.  This picture is from November 2008.

And Patrice from The Soap Seduction gave me this award last week.  Thanks Patrice!  That's very sweet.


  1. I'm excited to see the entries for this challenge. I think it's an awesome theme!

  2. Wowzie - that herringbone rope - beautiful! And those beads are such glorious colors...

  3. That herringbone rope is so nice! Can't wait to see your challenge piece too! And you're welcome for the paw charm!

  4. I still love looking at beads. And the rope is a beauty! {:-D

  5. Lemme just say: You've come a long way baby, lol! Not only are your photos 1000% better, but so are your beading skills!

    I LOVE the new header by the way. That piece is gorgeous! You're definitely on my list for the upcoming holidays:)

    And you are welcomed for the blog award<3

  6. Thanks everyone! The Wizard of Oz challenge isn't until September so I'll have some sneak peaks of that piece up before then.

    Thanks Patrice!!


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