Wednesday, July 20, 2011

EtsyBloggers Carnival: Summer Recipe II

Before I get to the carnival topic, I have to post this picture that I forgot to include in yesterday's post. A few of you mentioned how nice the trees are in our neighborhood, which is definitely true.  There are lots of large trees.  This is something else that I missed in our newer neighborhood in Iowa.

Moving on, Deb (storybeader) also picked the topic of favorite summer recipe for the Blog Carnival.  I posted earlier this summer about how I love iced tea when I did my tea feature.  I also love iced coffee.  I don't drink it very often because I don't want to start a caffeine addiction.  But it's a wonderful treat once in a while, especially in the summer.  My brother stayed with us over the weekend and made coffee.  There was a little left over so I jumped on the chance to make some iced coffee at home.
I don't keep a lot of beans on hand.  We used some Hy-Vee brand beans that I got back in Iowa.  I stuck the leftover coffee in the fridge so I didn't need to add a ton of ice.  I also added a little bit of milk and a couple spoons of sugar.  Recipe Girl has a wonderful iced coffee tutorial with photos here.  I came across it through foodgawker a couple weeks ago.  I was going to use it for a future link list but you all get to enjoy it a little earlier than that for this carnival.


  1. I love anything cold and icy! I've making these this summer too!

  2. Caffeine addict here! I love iced coffee in the summer!

  3. Ummm, I do not do caffeine but I do so enjoy iced decaffeniated coffee w/sugar & vanilla almond milk.

  4. I've never drank iced coffee before - think it's something I need to try! Sometimes we'll have left over coffee from breakfast - now I know what to do with it! {:-D

  5. Mandy and Edi, I'm glad that some of my readers enjoy this, too.

    Re, I should get some decaf beans! Not that I need to drink more coffee...but it would be a nice option. Vanilla almond milk sounds good.

    Deb, you'll definitely have to try it sometime!


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