Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Color Combination Inspiration, Round 2

Welcome to another edition of color combination inspiration!  I hope that you're able to find something here that sparks a new idea of some sort for your creative endeavors.  As always, I've done my best to mix up the subjects that I feature.  You can pull color combinations from any source for literally any type of creative project.  Click on the photos to visit the original sources.  Enjoy!

I put together a turquoise and brown outfit for the turquoise and brown pick this time. It sure isn't warm enough to wear anything like this here yet, but I'm hopeful that we'll get there at some point.
Turquoise and Brown for Spring and Summer

I didn't get a ton of suggestions from the past round of color combination inspiration, so I'm giving you a double dose of each of these palettes.

Pastels from Edi

Mint Green / Gold from Paige

Powder Blue / Cocoa from Judy

Let's keep it going!
What color combinations are you loving right now?  Have you experimented with any new color combinations recently?


  1. I love turquoise and brown together and you've given me some ideas to pick some in my own wardrobe. Awesome! And coming to think of it...I had a dark blue shirt on yesterday with a beige skirt...hmm...great minds...great minds...:)

  2. Brown and turquoise look great together! Love those pastel balloons!
    I've been seeing taupe/peach outfits in shop windows over here :)

  3. Love the powder blue and cocoa! That bedroom is stunning!

  4. Great feature photos! I love the blue and brown together.
    With spring on my mind, I've been loving mint and coral!
    And I just made the cutest album in mustard yellow, gray and white :)

  5. Love the color of that bedroom! Noticing the birds on that invitation, how about cocoa and pink or red?

  6. Love the mint green with gold. Just stunning.

    I've been using cranberry with a pale blue for some home decorating.

  7. That mint green and gold dress is gorgeous, and I could fall asleep in seconds in that stunning bedroom!'s another color combination for spring: apricot and moss green.

  8. I love that lace top! A color combo? Let's see, I just finished a journal that is dominate yellow/red. It didn't start out that way, but my subconscious drew me there! {:-D

  9. The mint green and gold items are luscious!

    soft rose pink and pale lemon yellow.
    and that color combo with perhaps powder blue or Spring green additionally.
    turquoise and lime.

  10. Beautiful! I love the dress, too. haha - It's Spring and I am all over splashes of color everywhere - so nice to be saying goodbye to the winter greys.

  11. The mint green and gold is beautiful -- that dress is stunning!

  12. I LOVE what you picked for green and gold! Aaah!

    How about... mustard yellow and blue?

  13. LOVE the mint and gold! And your brown and turquoise outfit with the bright accessories will be great when summer arrives! I'm loving yellow and gray--and I'm not usually a big fan of yellow, so I'm not sure what's up with that.

  14. Lovely finds! I love the turquoise and brown combination. I am really into bright happy colors these day. I am hoping if I think bright happy colors it will warm up enough to wear some :)
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