Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Feature: vinyl records

There are tons of items on Etsy that are made from recycled vinyl records, but today I'm rounding up items about record appreciation. Enjoy!

Retro Poster - Quote art - 8 x 10 print - music art print - vinyl record by Millsmark

Girls Dorm Room Pink Photography: Dreamy Vinyl Record Scrabble Tile 8x10 inch by blueorder

Printable - Inspirational Quote Art - "Without music, life would be a mistake." -Neitzsche by PinQuotes

Keep a Song in Your Heart - Pink - Vintage Record Player Phonograph 1960s 1970s Music Love Teen Girl Wall Room Decor Minimal 8x10 Photo by cherryskyphoto

VINYL RULES Baby Bodysuits, Tees, Guitar, Music, RECORDS, Adorable, Baby, Infant, newborn, Baby Shower, Party Favor by EmbryLu

SMALL Vinyl Sticker Digital Art Record Player Turntable Verbiage: "Music Keeps The World Spinning" by ckrthoughtbox

Funny Vinyl T-Shirt - I Heart Vinyl Tee Shirt T Shirt Music Geek Retro Records Men's Ladies Women's Youth Kids by IceCreamTees


  1. I used to have vinyl records when I was a kid - just a few of them. Right about when I was 9 or 10 CD's started getting really big. But, I had a stereo that played cassettes, CD's and records, so I'd swipe one of my sister's hundreds of records and listen. HAHA.

  2. For some reason, I actually used to own some records. My grandparent's had a working record player and getting to use it was always something of a treat!

  3. Well I'm from the vinyl era, and before - started with 78's! Then 45's played on a little portable record player - I'm surprised no one has located a stash of the inserts we used on the 45's so they fit on the thin spindle, and done something crafty with them. In the 4th or 5th grade we used vinyl records to make Mother's Day and Father's Day presents - if you soak the records in hot water they become pliable and then you can shape it anyway you like, fill in the hole and paint/decorate it anyway you like - you usually wound up with a bowl of some sort....Ah, the good old days!

  4. I collect vinyl! I don't have a ton, but there are about 30 or so records up in our "library" (also called the junk room). That onesie is really cute.

  5. too cool! thanks for including "vinyl rules" onesie by LoveMyEmbryLou.

  6. Great finds, Rose!
    I love the Nietzsche Quote and the image that goes with it!

  7. I still have all the vinyl albums I ever had, except for some my daughter snagged! Cute finds!

  8. Super cool collection!Thanks for including my sticker! =)
    CKR ThoughtBox-

  9. Lots of great finds! That suitcase record player reminds me of one I had as a teen. It sounded terrible, but I used it everyday. Thanks for the memory.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. I like that quote - music keeps the world spinning. That's a good one! And the pink record is pretty! {:-D

  11. Definitely a great mix! Thank you so much!

  12. Great finds. I remember the old box phonographs.

  13. I used to have vinyl albums! Fun finds Rose!


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