Thursday, April 25, 2013

kitten cell phone photos round up

Welcome to the latest installment of kitten cell phone photos!

I've had the windows open a few times lately while I've been gluing new button items. Usually I just crack them when it's cold, but the kittens get so excited that I've been opening them all the way for short periods. We all can't wait until it's warm enough to keep them open more often.

I saved this piece of bubble wrap from the recent package, and Angel has actually been the one enjoying it the most.

As a general rule, we don't feed the kittens people food. For the most part, they aren't interested in it (I shouldn't say that too loudly), but Ares loves chip bags.

Angel does love trying people food and usually won't go near any kind of jalapeno chips because the smell is so strong. We didn't think that Ares would be interested either, but he licked an entire chip and then just sat there like it hadn't been incredibly spicy or anything.

Tape measures are endlessly entertaining.

Pliers are pretty fun, too.

This piece is available right here.

I love snuggling with our kitties so much, but it's been especially cool for Jake because he's never had a cat that loves to snuggle before.

My HubPages helper.

Living the dangerous life hanging out behind the wheels of one of the computer chairs.

Endlessly frustrated by the new TV arrangement.

They still love to watch TV, though.

Making the bed is always a fun activity.

Practicing the pirate look again with Ares.

What have your cats been up to lately?


  1. I love your kitties! I have my one gray tabby and he's the most affectionate cat, ever. Hehe. may have just given me a post idea. :D

  2. what wonderful kitty pics! I love the two lumps in the bed while you're trying to make up the bed!! and it looks like they still want to get up close on the TV - silly kitties!

  3. love the window pics. Funny, that cats are so enthralled about television. they must love the sounds. Buster is not that excited about the tv - guess it doesn't smell special to him... {:-D

  4. Your cats are so cute! I have one cat that loves to 'help' me make the bed.

  5. I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite, but it might be the kitties under the sheets! This is pretty much what happens with my bed and my dogs. =)

  6. My favorite posts are the kitty posts!

  7. How old are those two? They have gotten so BIG! They look almost grown up!

    1. They'll be 8 months in a week. Crazy, right? They already weigh 12-13 pounds.

  8. I'm sure it is a ton of fun at your house! Love the "under the sheets" picture!

  9. They're so cute. I miss my cat but my two dogs keep me pretty entertained.

  10. Those kittens just get cuter and cuter! Cats are pretty hysterical under the bed sheets! When we had Sam, he could never figure the way out!!

  11. They're so funny! And they're getting big! Mine help me make the bed, cook, wash dishes and bead. Oh, and they love watching the mouse on the computer screen.

  12. They are just so adorable! I never get tired of photos of the boys and it's always good to see Angel too! Love the bed monsters! It must be true that orange kitties get big!

  13. The cats look so much like Harry Potter and act like him, too. I may be allergic but I love cat personalities and those furry bellies.

  14. I do love your cat pics. It warms my heart to see happy pets! My husband never liked cats until I moved in about 5 years ago with my Punkie. Now he loves her to pieces! They worm their way into your hearts.

  15. What fun! Crazy about the bag of spicy chips... LOL A Cat with Discerning Taste! ;-) Adorable pictures! Made me smile.

  16. kittens! with their endless energy and curiosity!
    fun photos!
    bubble wrap! who knew?! (I'll have to see if Oliver likes that.)


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