Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Top Commenters and April News

I hope that April is starting off well for everyone! It still doesn't really look or feel like spring here, but hopefully that will change over the next couple weeks.

Top Commenters
As always, I really appreciate all of the feedback that I get on this blog. It means a lot that so many people take time to share their insights with me.  Thanks to Jamie of Crafter on a Budget for stopping by and commenting regularly! Check out goodies from some of my other top commenters who are selling their handmade items online.

Blog Sponsors and April Advertising
I have an awesome round up of blog sponsors!  These lovely ladies all have Etsy shops and/or blogs.  Check them out on the left hand side of my blog under "Private Sponsors." Would you like to join the them?  It's only $3 per month or $10 for 4 months to advertise with me.  Check out all of the details about it right here.

Out With the Old Sale
I brought back my Out With the Old sale this year for the beginning of 2013. There are a number of older pieces in my shop that I would really like to clear out forever to get my shop more streamlined and reflective of my current lines. Take advantage of these amazing deals while you can right here.

Bring It On April!
  • Easter came early this year, which means that so did the end of my Halloween through Easter traffic streak on HubPages. In 2012, April and May were two of my lowest earning months. I have done my best to build spring articles that aren't tied to specific holidays and add more Mother's Day articles this year. Hopefully it'll pay off, and I won't see such a significant traffic drop. I'm trying to stay ahead and brainstorm summer topics as well.
  • I had a great first 2013 show last month and am looking forward to a second show at the end of this month. I have a couple new projects in the works for this show that I'll be sharing in the near future. There are also a lot of holiday shows that put up apps this time of year so I'll be working on that as I can throughout the month.
  • It has been amazing having such a full calendar this year. It will also be amazing to have a less full calendar as the school year winds down. Easter was a huge milestone to check off the list. I'm looking forward to getting out more during the (hopefully) warmer weather in April to take pictures and explore some new (to me) areas of Milwaukee with some of this unscheduled time.

What is going on with your blog and/or business for April?

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  1. Oh I do like that post-it note clipboard - clever idea and useful and pretty...I may get one.

  2. Wonderful features! Thank you so fairy much for including my magnet.

  3. good luck with your HubPages. Your beadweaving items should just fly out of your shop with the lower prices. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather too. Just around the corner... we're having thunderstorms right now! {:-D

  4. Can't believe it's April already! Good luck with your next show and much success with your writing assignments on HubPages!
    And thank you for featuring my heart trio here :)

  5. I always love seeing everyone's featured items! Thank you for sharing my Anniversary Card :)
    Mother's Day and Father's Day articles are great for hubs.
    *Meals to Prepare for Mom and Dad
    *Activities for Mother's/Father's Day
    *Handmade Gift Ideas

  6. Well, Spring is here--waiting for the summer lupines--NO, not really!! :) Thanks for the shout out! I love commenting!!!

  7. Such a nice round up, I love Duni's heart ornaments. I hope your Spring Hub Pages do well and that you have a great show season.
    Everyday Inspired

  8. I hope you're having a great day - your roundup here is wonderful. I just love seeing what all other people are doing.
    I hope spring arrives where you are, soon. I can't wait. :)

  9. Thanks for the feature! The necklace and Edi's card go well together =)Great finds, all.

    Hmm. I was just getting serious about HP last spring, so I don't know if I should expect a slow April and May - I hope not! I guess only time will tell.

  10. Great features! I love Duni's hearts! Not much going on with my shop and blog and I seem to be slacking in the commenting area too. Life will get back to normal soon though!

  11. Thanks for featuring my earrings! Those have been getting a lot of attention. I bet it's the sparkle. :-)

    My only main goal for the month is to have everything back to normal in the basement. I think we can do it! Our next major step is laying the laminate flooring.

  12. Love everything you have shared, the pink stone earrings are stunning! Thank you for the mention :) Geez, I gotta get busy on my blog, these past two months have been crazy!

  13. Now that I have a booth in a local shop, I find myself thinking of holidays far more in advance (when I did not think of it much for my etsy shop). So, I am working on ideas, a possible name change for the new line of products (not looking forward to that part), and trying to remember to get back into blogging.

  14. Great selections, Rose! I really love the anchor card from Edi--so perfect for an anniversary! Thanks for including my mini clipboard, and good luck with sales of your discontinued items.


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