Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Link List: the April recipe edition

Welcome to my Saturday Link List! There is no theme here, but as always, I tried to mix it up and include some great seasonal recipes. Is anyone else excited to start grilling again? Enjoy!



I did make this recipe this past month, and it was pretty epic. My Bible study group and my husband ate most of the pan in a couple days' time. If you bake regularly, you most likely have all the ingredients for the recipe already so go make it this weekend.

What recipes/foods have you been enjoying lately?

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Saturday Link List

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Saturday Link List

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Stay tuned next week for the April resources edition! 


  1. Thank you for featuring my mango salsa and chocolate chip dip! I think they're the only recipes that I haven't had to file a DCA complaint about today, so it's nice to see a little good news =)
    The scallops and brownies look amazing! Oh , and so does that BLT.

  2. Natasha's recipes look delicious and do does the mushrooms and the bars you made! I love new food ideas so that's for this roundup!

  3. what a selection! I love stuffed mushrooms - they are my favorite on buffets. And I just saw a Mango salsa in the store, in a bottle. Was so surprised... {:-D

  4. The chocolate chip dip for the pretzels looks wonderful! Well, everything looks delish! You always find the most yummy looking and interesting recipes. Thank you for sharing :)


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