Saturday, January 30, 2010

more fun with the celestial theme

I totally forgot that I bookmarked a few other celestial charm bracelets to share when I listed my own silver links celestial bracelet. This actually works out perfectly with the bright full moon last night. I hope that everyone had a chance to see it!

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary Bracelet by 2RavenChicks

Paper Moon altered art photo charm bracelet
by poetsummer

Copper Charm Bracelet with Amber Seaglass by BeachGlassMemories

Dream Moons and Stars Bracelet
by eyemagin

Magic Midnight Moon beaded cha cha charm bracelet by JunqueJules

by pila12903


  1. great riffs on the theme for sure--I am partial to your design, posted below, with all the cool stars!

  2. Wow!! I love that bracelet by 2RavenChicks -- totally cool!!

  3. I LOVE celestial things of any kind. I don't generally wear bracelets but those picks of yours are almost enough to make me reconsider.

  4. Great pieces!
    I love the stars in the first picture and the star fabric too :)

  5. Kelly - You should check out her shop. She has at least one other bracelet I could have included!

    Thanks Paige and Duni! All of your comments mean a lot to me. :)


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