Thursday, January 21, 2010

button feature

I was all set to put this post together last night. But then the Internet went down in our ice storm and didn't come back up until sometime very late last night or very early this morning. Yes, the ice storm did mean ANOTHER snow day yesterday and a late start for my school today. Crazy! I was going to take a picture of the iced trees today, but I didn't think of it until it was dark out. Maybe tomorrow.

I haven't done a button feature in quite a long time. Here are a few of my newer favorites. Enjoy!

Strawberry Shortcake Bouquet . Oh So Shabby Button Flower Collection by KreatedbyKelly

12 Stem Silver Snowflakes Button Bouquet by reallybadkitty

Lucky Charm Button Bracelet by Glorijane

Yellow Rose Bracelet with Vintage Buttons FREE SHIPPING by Alterity

Silver Sterling Champagne Crystal Pearl and Antique Glass Button Charm Bracelet by MrsGibson

Button Bracelet - Who's Afraid of the Deep, Dark Woods by PoorRobin

Penguin Black Red and White Snappie Button Bracelet by birose


  1. Such unique items! Love the buttons!

  2. Lots of pretties!!!

    We've been having lots of snow and ice lately too! Hope it warms up in your neck of the woods ;)

  3. Thanks for the button love, Kelly!

  4. I have jars of buttons! Love that first creation!!!

  5. Awww Rose!! Thanks so much for showing off one of my bouquets!!! I love that Lucky Charm bracelet -- too cute!!

  6. I like the one with buttons and pearls!

  7. Wonderful. Wish I would get such a nice bouquet for my birthday instead of the ones that make me sneeze and look like I've just cried for 24 hours. LOL!
    It took me quite a while to politely make people understand not to give them anymore...

    But maybe I should have a go myself. But your buttons seem to be so much nicer than mine.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. KreatedbyKelly actually made that, not me. I am pretty proud of my own button collection. She's been at this a lot longer than me, though, and I know that her's is much more impressive. Button bouquets are a great alternative for people with allergies! I'd never really thought about that before.

    Have a great weekend, too!


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