Thursday, January 7, 2010

snow day, some Etsy goodies

I had another snow day today (4th one so far this winter). You can't see it this picture but the wind really picked up today and is blowing 20-30 MPH when I took the picture. It's still snowing off and on, and I'm a little worried for tomorrow. I don't think that the roads are going to be very good.

I completely forgot to mention that I won the giveaway on vermilionstarpress's blog back in December. I won a lovely set of coasters like the ones that you can find in their Etsy shop here.

They also included a couple free blank cards with envelopes. Thanks vermilionstarpress!

I got a couple new Lisa Peters Art ceramic buttons in the mail today that I'd ordered through Etsy. Lisa has been listing tons of new items in the past couple months. It's amazing that I've managed to restrain myself from buying more than just these two items.

I think that I'm going to keep the white and green one for myself and use it with a green cuff design that I have in mind. I'm thinking about using the yellow button for a remake of one of my autumn leafy designs. :)


  1. Brrr! Looks mighty cold there! Congrats on winning the giveaway! Those buttons are great too!

  2. Your snow looks pretty but I must say I'm glad it is there and not here...Congratulations on your win..

  3. The snow looks so beautiful, as long as you don't have to live in it. My weather is warm and sunny...sorry!!

  4. The snow is pretty thick here as well. I think more is coming our way.
    great giveaway win and wonderful buttons. I like the bracelet you made with one of Lisa's buttons.


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