Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3D in black

It turns out that the Arts Festival does NOT provide anything for our booths. I was hoping that they at least provided some sort of tent, but they don't. In the less than 2 hours that I saw Jake today (we're working opposite schedules this week), he okayed it for me to buy a tent. So I did tonight. I was certainly not planning to do this, but I'm glad that I did. Jake is an Eagle scout and has a lot of great camping equipment, but we've only been camping ONCE in the 8+ years that we've been together. Maybe the new equipment (I got an instant shelter and the screen walls that go with it) will motivate us to go again once the festival is over. Even if we can't go right away, the tent is something that we'll be able to use for years for both camping and future craft fairs.

I was also very excited to find picnic table clips in the camping section of Target! As I've mentioned before, I've been looking for them ever since I found out that I got into the festival. I also got a pack of large ("quilting size") safety pins tonight. Between the screen walls, the picnic clips, the safety pins, and my paper weight pen holders, I'm feeling pretty good about things not blowing away. As I'm sure some of you know, Iowa can be VERY windy, but I think I've done about everything that I can to prepare for it.

I mailed, e-mailed, or hand delivered my fliers for Eastern Iowa family and friends this week, minus the ones that I'll give out to my co-workers the week before the event. I think that my next little project will be sorting and tagging all of my jewelry. I have already tagged the majority of my items because I do sell a fair amount in person, but I need to make sure that everything has the rounded prices that I'll be using for the festival.

I've been keeping busy with all of the booth prep stuff and haven't done a lot of creating, but I did list a new pair of earrings tonight. These are the first pair of 3D triangle earrings that I have for sale! I am really excited about them.

I would wear a pair of earrings in this design a regular basis if I had pierced ears. Because I don't, I'm trying to figure out how I can incorporate a 3D triangle into a bracelet/cuff. I have 3D triangle earrings in both spring green and a blue mix that I'll be listing shortly, too. I'm thinking about doing a version in red next.


  1. That's great that you got a tent and are getting all ready to go! Love those 3D earrings!

  2. I think you're now ready for the festival!!! Good luck!!!

  3. You sound very prepared! Hope all goes very well!

  4. Thanks everyone! I hope that I've thought of everything!

  5. definitely wear something that you've made to the fair! My festival took a lot of energy out of me... I was so tired after it was all over.

    Wishing you well for the weekend. Getting friends out there is a big help - always nice to talk to someone during the long stay in a booth! Take some pics if you can - they're always fun to look at and compare.

  6. You're really on top of things! I'm glad to hear everything is coming together so nicely!!!
    Love the black!

  7. I will definitely wear one of my own jewelry pieces, Deb. :) It's on my list of things to remember! I have a couple friends interested in helping me. Hopefully that will work out! And I will be taking pictures (and sharing them) for sure. :)

    Thanks so much Edi!


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