Thursday, May 6, 2010

craft fair stuff, random feature

I'm pretty proud of how much I've accomplished already for the Iowa Arts Festival. There is still a lot to do, but I'm making progress. As I've been working on everything this week, I've thought of a couple more things that I'd appreciate feedback on.
The first one is how much change do you like to bring? I've been reading various advice and people recommend everything from $100-$300. I don't like the idea of starting with more than $100 cash, but I don't want to run short, especially with smaller bills. Let me know what works for you.
Also, for those of you who have done outdoor shows, do you use anything to hold down your table cloth? I'm planning to use a fabric cover for my tables (hopefully music themed) and have been looking for something like picnic table clips without much luck. If you've found anything that works, let me know. If you don't use anything, that's helpful to know, too!

Random feature tonight. Enjoy!
Spring Jade Earrings by nemeton

Scrapbooking Armada Punch Buddy by tiram13

Mallard Drake - 8 x 12 Fine Art Photograph by PhotoGrunt

Wedding Tea Lights by CarolinaCottage

STRAWBERRY RED PENDANT....Free US Shipping by blueseraphim

Crystal Tabac Square Earrings by HidingPlaceBeadery

Spring Garden by Juliesparklybits


  1. I don't remember how much change I took to the shows I did but I think I got the info on the amounts from Ruthie (Roseworks) since she'd done several shows before.

    Your features are all so pretty! I like those square earrings.

  2. I have done a lot of shows over the years. As far as change goes, I bring a couple fives and the rest ones. It is very easy to run out of ones. $110 in paper money is the minimum you should bring. The other change will depend on what prices you are charging. I would recommend keeping your prices in quarter dollar increments. It is better to have small bills left over than to run out.
    Good luck with your show!

  3. I made table coverings that go to the floor so I can hide things underneath the tables. I always bring masking tape which I have used when the wind was particularly unruly. I even had earrings on cards in trays blow to the ground.

    As to cash, I'm with you about having a lower amount of money. A money belt strapped around your waist is a good idea. The credit card paperwork should be treated like cash and checks. Cross shred or burn the documents when you have collected your money for your customer's security. You might want to set a minimum amount for using a credit card if you have a per item fee.

    I recommend you have someone help you. It's amusing to overhear my husband repeating my sales phrases when I come back after taking a break, but his help is invaluable. Another pair of eyes for shop lifting is essential I'm sorry to say.

  4. My girlfriend and I will be at a village show tomorrow. We only normally take £40 change.

    Have you tried market clips for holding the cloth down?

  5. I think I usually take about $200. If you will be charging tax, make sure to take change as well. Try to think what prices your items are...even prices like $5 or $10, or odd prices like $3 or $7. This will tell you whether you need more $1s or $5s.
    Good luck :)

  6. I have a show this weekend. Went to the bank and got a roll of quarters, and $40 in one dollar bills. I'm charging tax, so I may need some other little change...

    I also have long tablecloths. It's very windy, so I'm thinking of buying some of those weights that clip on too...

  7. Thank you much for the advice everyone! :)

  8. Thanks for talking about propay because I think I'm going to use their phone service even though the percent of sale and per transaction fee are higher than paypal. I talked to reps from both companies and the propay rep had answers. This was my second experience with paypal and she referred me to someone else again. Paypal's service can be used for a month for $30, but $60 for a year seems worth betting I'll have shows in more than 2 months. The phone service gives immediate approval with a 4 digit access code, card number, zip code and amount. My prior service via phone took 5 minutes. Thanks again.

  9. I sent you an e-mail about ProPay, Karen. Glad that I could be of help! Best of luck with it. :)


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