Friday, May 14, 2010

triangle pendants

I remade two of my pendants in one of my favorite beading color combinations. I haven't sold any on Etsy yet, but I've sold a handful in person so I want to have a nice variety for the Arts Festival. I also have much better pictures for my Etsy listings now.

tri-color with pearl pink border triangle pendant

turquoise with multicolored border triangle pendant

I used the same colors in my original color explosion peyote cuff. I have a pair of coordinating earrings as well that I'll be listing in the near future.


  1. I love that they are multi-colored!!! I'm all about color :)

  2. Your pictures are clear with the entire pendant in the macro focus. Colors are lovely. Should sell well. I thought of you with an antique button vendor a few booths down from me; I'll try to remember to get her card tomorrow if she has a website.

  3. Thanks Karen! I hope that they do. Thanks for thinking of me today, too. I'd love to check out her buttons.

  4. Those are Great, Rose! Soooo pretty and bright! And the new photography really shows them off to advantage.


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