Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Top Droppers

I'm sure that I'm not the only person who can't believe that it's May already! Before I post my Top Droppers for this month, I want to announce my May special for my Etsy shop here.

Take 15% off and get $1.00 shipping on any item tagged "turquoise." Refunds will be issued via Paypal. Please convo me if you don't see a turquoise item that suits your needs/preferences. I'm happy to create a custom listing for you with the same deal.

Thank you once again to all of my regular droppers! I really appreciate your support. Here's the Top 10 for April.
1) My gypsygoods
2) Moonangelnay on Etsy
3) Go Las Vegas Baby!
4) Dave Lucas
5) The Sewing Mom
6) A Rose By Name
7) BeadedTail
8) English Wilderness: Nature Photography
9) Lenox Knits
10) Scarborough Seashells

As always, anyone who is in my Top 10 and has an Etsy shop is welcome to post a comment with an item of theirs that they would like me to feature here. Sharla has always taken me up on this offer. She has a new pair of earrings that I love so I'm going to post those. I hope that's okay! Others are welcome, too. Just leave a comment and I'll include your item in another post this month.

Tranquil Waves - Blue Agate and Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings
by BeadedTail

I hope that May is getting off to a wonderful start for everyone!


  1. Sharla's earrings are beautiful, and she takes great pictures, too, something I always struggle with!

  2. She does have great pictures! I have worked really hard on my jewelry photo taking skills during the past couple years. I have improved a lot, but I am still wowed when I look at the photos for some of the most successful shops on Etsy.

  3. Thanks for showing my earrings Rose! Yep, I was going to take you up on your offer again! And thanks for dropping on me too!

    Your May deal is another great one! Hope you have lots of sales!

  4. You're welcome, Sharla! It's always fun to showcase your items. :)

    Thanks, me too!

  5. I don't know if I have said this before but I like the way you photograph your jewelry.

    And I cannot believe how fast we flew through April--where did it go?

  6. Thank you Erika! That means a lot to me. :)

    Yeah, no kidding!

  7. beautiful stones; beautiful earrings!

  8. Thanks for including me on the list :-) It's a shame we don't have Etsy, we just sell at craft fairs and village shows.

  9. I haven't been a very good entrecard participate for a couple of months now... Hope to get back...

  10. I'm actually glad I read your post because I had forgotten to thank MY top droppers!

    And how generous of you to offer to post about an Etsy item- Here is a cute necklace I have listed:

    And thank you also for advertising on my blog and guess what- you are one of my top 10 this month too! :)

  11. Thanks Tara! I will feature your item in the near future. :)

  12. Congrats to the top droppers :) And great deal you're having!


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