Sunday, May 23, 2010

treasury feature, remake, wedding

As predicted, we've been really busy the last few days with all of the wedding events for one of Jake's best friend. It's been so much fun. :) Now I'm playing catch up with everything else.

My fellow EBW member Paula (PFordCustomJewelry) included my multicolored diagonal stripe peyote cuff in her Peyote cuffs! treasury in Treasury East. Thanks Paula!
You can view this treasury live by CLICKING HERE.

I edited and updated the listing for the leafy series - modern today for my newest version of it. I'm actually still in the process of tweaking the original version for the customer, but there is a new version for others now.

I took almost 175 pictures during throughout the weekend of the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, and the other events surrounding everything. I still haven't gone through all of the pictures from my sister-in-law's confirmation weekend a couple weeks ago so I obviously haven't gotten to all of these yet either. I edited a couple of my favorites, though.


  1. Congratulations on the treasury! I like what you did with the leafy bracelet! And the photos are lovely! I'm guessing that's you?

  2. Thanks Sharla! Yep, I'm the one in the flowered dress. :)

  3. a wonderful treasury!
    Your bracelet is beautiful! You do wonderful work!
    fun photos!

  4. Congrats on the treasury!!! I like your leaf bracelet too.. You're talent!! I can't do that.. :D

  5. We're in full wedding swing here too! I'm the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding this coming weekend then we have my cousin's wedding on June 19th!

    So nice to be able to put a face with the name :) Great photos!

  6. Love the new Leafy Series!


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