Friday, May 7, 2010

leafy feature number 11

Thank you to everyone for your continued advice for the Iowa Arts Festival! I compiled my Etsy inventory today in a way that I'll be able to use it for the festival. I have almost a dozen other bead woven items that aren't listed or aren't even photographed yet that I'll add to the list, too, as well as a couple dozen button earring studs. I'm planning to photograph everything that I'm taking, but the weather hasn't cooperated lately. I did take Margaret's advice and rounded as many prices as I could to multiples of 5 to cut down on the number of small bills that I'll go through. I'll still have a few dozen pieces that aren't, but that's okay. Thanks Margaret!

I'll continue to post progress as I continue to get ready for the festival. I'll limit how much I post about it every day, though. I know that's not all that you want to hear from me.

I'm revisiting leaves tonight. Enjoy!
Leafy Earrings in Antique Silver by dallied

White Leaf Post Earrings - Free Shipping by IndieAndChic

Woodland Forest and Moss Green Sterling Silver Necklace, Lampwork Glass and Leather by ErikaPriceOriginals

soft cover for your journal/organizer - LEAVES by verityunmondoaparte

silver hummingbird - sparrow - cut out bird pendant - hangs on 18 inch chain by bethtastic

Leafy Green Bag by KnottyByNature

Sea Glass Filled Bottle, Sterling Silver Necklace by akkricket


  1. Oh yes we do want to hear every detail about your fair, at least the first one you have.

    Thanks for the idea I got on how to use the piece of leather that was in my Use the Muse IV kit.

  2. Will do. I don't think that I'll be doing a lot of them in the near future so no worries there.

    No problem! I'm glad to hear that. :)

  3. What beautiful finds! I was thinking as I scrolled through them, "Well, I certainly couldn't pick a favorite from these." Then I saw that sea glass bottle...ooooh.

  4. I love how you finds leaves in every color :)

  5. Your leafy features are always so pretty!

  6. I love leaves. :) You missed my leaf necklace but that's okay. lol It's not in my Etsy shop I don't think...I think it's in my 1000 Markets shop.

    Gorgeous finds. Love that purse!

  7. Casto, I take all of my leafy items from Etsy so that's probably why. Let me know if you do have any leafy items there, and I'll mark them for future features. :)

  8. thankssssssssss ^_^ I'm honored to stay here, it's a very nice blog ^_^



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