Thursday, May 13, 2010

summer plans, random feature

Going through my scrapbook paper for my craft fair signs the other day inspired me to consider a couple new creative endeavors for this summer. I have probably already mentioned this, but this is the first summer since 2007 that I will not have any graduate courses! I still have some work to finish for my degree during the 10-11 school year, but I am done with my classes. I'm very excited for all of the free time (and lack of graduate tuition) that I'll have this summer. I already have a substantial list of jewelry designs or remakes that I'd like to work on, plus I'd REALLY like to get back into cross-stitching. I went through a huge cross-stitching phase from sometime in 2003 through the summer of 2008, but I haven't touched my current project in almost a year.

So I already have ideas in mind, but there a couple other things I'd like to work on, too. Getting back to the scrapbook paper, I would like to more with making cards again. I used to make cards for everything: birthdays, weddings, etc., and I'd like to pick that up again. I'd also like to design some of my own "thank you" cards for my Etsy sale packages.

I've been regularly browsing the new non-fiction section of the library for the better part of this school year. I love to check out new cook books and beading books. I've also started checking out other crafting books to get ideas for color combinations and what not. Jake and I are planning to have a party this time next year when he graduates from med school and I graduate from my master's program. I'd like to make some sort of party favor for it. I saw an idea in one of my newest craft books for cork board coasters that I thought would work well for that. As I'm sure you know by now, I take A LOT of digital pictures. Many of them are of my jewelry, but I have a sizable collection of other photographs as well since I got my first digital camera in 2004. It would be neat to do more with some of my better shots, and the coasters would be a perfect opportunity for this. Making enough coasters so that everyone could take one with them after our party would be a sizable project but not terribly expensive or very overwhelming with a whole year to work on it. They would also be a neat option for wedding presents and extended family Christmas presents.

So while I was finishing what I hope is the last of my craft fair supply shopping and final random work supply shopping for this school year, I picked up what I'll need for both of these projects. I have spent more on crafty stuff this week than I have in a long time, but a lot of my craft fair supplies will be for future shows as well, and my new projects will literally keep me busy for the better part of the summer when you consider all of the jewelry making and hopefully cross-stitching that I'll be doing, too.

Here's today's random feature. Enjoy!
Kelly's magazine flower embellishments also played a part in my renewed interest in card making. These are so much fun!
Paper Button Flowers. Magazine Magnolias Pink Orange Mix by KBKExtras

Monster's Inc is still my favorite Pixar movie.
Mike the One-Eyed Monster - Zady(R)Creature - bright green by Zadyball

Shades of Turquoise, Glass, and Silk Long Necklace or Wrap Bracelet by WillOaksStudio

Marbled - Pinks (handmade buttons OOAK set of 6) by TessaAnn

Cranberry Juice Cocktail - Lush Fringed Caterpillar Bracelet (2193) by time2cre8

No Place Like Home charm by jjbackman

Poker Card Suit Bracelet PEYOTE by ChezChani


  1. Congrats on school! Free time can be overwhelming hehe I know my list is a mile long and sometimes I dont know where to start. But I cant wait to see what you come up with :))

  2. Thanks! Haha I know what you mean. I'll be sure to share. :)


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