Monday, May 2, 2011

what's on the beading board this week

Check out this awesome set of Shannon's beads that I'm going to be using for a custom order this week.
If you'd like a set for yourself, they're available here.  I'll be branching out from my usual work and making a multistranded necklace and bracelet with them.  I'll have more details about that later this week.  The customer needs them by the 15th!

Also, if anyone's curious what's happening with my Art Beads blogging project, I finally got the last set of beads that I needed this past week.  Art Beads mislabeled the size on one of their dagger bead sets, and it took a couple weeks to get it straightened out.  I have this set now to finish out my daggers.  Obviously, I will finish the custom order first, but then I will finally start the actual beading for my Art Beads project.


  1. Looks like you've got your work cut out for you! Those are beautiful strands too. The green ones are so interesting!

  2. love the earthly colors! can't wait to see what happens {:-D

  3. Pretty beads :) I can't wait to see both pieces! Your beading always leaves me in awe!

  4. The colours are lovely. Can't wait to see your multi-stranded creations!

  5. Thanks so much everyone! I'll keep you updated. :)


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