Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May EBW Challenge voting

Voting for the May EBW Challenge Lord of the Rings is up and running on the blog!  I'll be honest, there's been so many other beading things going on lately plus some EBW issues with switching to a new message forum and with the challenges.  I was not paying attention to the time line for this challenge at all, much less creating an entry.  But here it is.  One of our team members researched and implemented a clickable mosaic for us, which is brand new for this challenge.  This is much cooler than our normal non-interactive mosaic with links below it.  You'll see it on the blog.  As always, voting is on the right side of the blog and runs from the 9th through the 15th.

Here are a few of my favorite entries.
Galadriel's Gift to Gandolf by ArtMasquerading

Lord of the Rings - Heart Bracelet in Metallic Gray and Bright Red by enchantedbeads

Ring of Fire Beadwoven Bangle in Garnet by LaBellaJoya

The June challenge theme up here.  If my custom orders, Art Beads project, and the whole moving process don't keep me too busy, I'd really like to enter.


  1. That last black and red bangle is really pretty! I know what you mean though, there's just so much going on its tough to remember to do everything you wanted to! Best of luck to you with getting it all done!

  2. I need to go vote! I loved this challenge :)

  3. Pretty pieces! Off to check out the other entries...

  4. Each of your favorites caught my eye as well! The Galadriel's Gift to Gandalf feels to me like the opposite of my necklace. Perhaps they could do battle. Love it!

  5. Thanks for voting ladies! Marsha, that's an awesome idea. :)

  6. I love looking at what the EBW members are making. You are all so creative! Thanks for the link {:-D

  7. Thanks Deb! I really appreciate all of the non-EBW members who read this and take the time to vote. :)


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