Monday, May 23, 2011

some final green for spring and a custom order

As you know, I've gone a little crazy with green lately.  I had to list one more green item this spring.

It's available here.  I sold my original green button charm bracelet last summer and honestly can't believe that it took me this long to make another one.  I'm really happy with the way all of my newest button charm bracelets have turned out this spring.  I know that you're probably tired of hearing about how much I like the tiny buttons and beads on them, but I am still enjoying that.

I have purple and black/white coming up in the next month.  I still have a couple green mixes to make into bracelets as well.  As always, let me know if there's anything else that you'd like to see.

My most recent customer orders have been going slowly because I've had to wait for new supplies.  It's tough waiting for new goodies!  I'm still waiting for some more leaves to make a new modern leafy bracelet (with a few color changes) and a pair of custom earrings to match this bracelet.  But I got one new leafy bracelet done this past weekend.

I should mention that the blue round focal beads are from alishawhite.  Normally I order lamp work from blueseraphim's shop, but she didn't have exactly what I wanted and Alisha did so I decided to order from her.  Very pleased!   The beads are great, as was everything else about the ordering process.  I'll be using some more of her rounds in the custom modern leafy bracelet, too.

This is longer than most of my bracelets.  I added an extra loop so the buyer will have some flexibility with the length.  The only downside with this piece is that I didn't have enough dark blue beads left over to make another one.  I would still like to make a lighter turquoise one sometime as well, but I don't have enough beads for that at this point either.  The leaf collecting continues!


  1. I love the leafy bracelet! So pretty!

  2. I like the leafy bracelet. I have leaf beads that I thought I would use and they are still sitting in my supply closet. One day....


  3. Cute! I love them both:)

  4. your green bracelet just screams spring! And the blue one reminds me of rocks on a beautiful ocean! How Pretty! {:-D

  5. Thanks so much ladies! Erika, if you ever get inspired, let us know. Deb, I love your thought about the blue bracelet. :)


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