Wednesday, May 25, 2011

orange treasury and custom earrings in progress

Mouna (beadsofaquarius) included my Square Stitch Cuff Bracelet - Embellished - Summer in her Orange Mecanique treasury.  This collection is so elegant!  And I love that it's orange.  Not many people would strive for orange elegance.  But it really works here.  Thanks Mouna!

I got the periwinkle beads that I needed for my custom earrings to match this bracelet so I set to work on that last night.

I should have pictures of the finished earrings up within the next week.  I also finished my June EBW Challenge piece and am planning on listing it within the week.  Stay tuned!


  1. Orange is such a great summery color!
    Can't wait to see the earrings!

  2. The first two images remind me of colors I see my mom wearing over the summer. She loves shoes and bags and she expresses herself with vibrant colors--she is so much more daring than me:)


  3. I love that orange cuff bracelet of yours (as well as the one in your header) - just makes me smile!

  4. that's a pretty, moody combo - periwinkle and black. And orange - that's a new favorite color of mine! {:-D

  5. Mouthwatering! I too was going to say how much I like your header photo/bracelet. You work those up fast girl!!!

  6. Thanks ladies! I'm glad that my header pieces continues to be so popular.

    Erika, that's awesome.

    Re, some weeks are a lot more productive than others. I save up my pieces so I can keep listing regularly.


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