Monday, May 9, 2011

classic blue buttons are back and a black/white treasury

I listed the newest version of one of my best selling designs last night.

It's available here.  My button charm bracelets have always been popular, but the blue ones have done particularly well.  I added beads and tiny buttons to this version, as I will be doing with most of my new button charm bracelets.  I have purple and green finished and in line to list soon, am still working on black/white, and have a couple other green button mixes ready to start.  There will be no shortage of button bracelets any time soon!

And on the subject of buttons, Sanna (SannasSecrets) included my Button bracelet - Black and White (small) in her Black and/or white treasury.  Thanks Sanna!


  1. Looks great! I think the little beads add nice detail :)

  2. Love the blue button bracelet and the one in the treasury as well!

  3. I love these blues 0 very pretty! It's fun to mix up the buttons with beads and charms, just to put a little twist on things. {:-D


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