Saturday, May 7, 2011

triangles and newest custom order completed

I listed my newest skinny embellished cuff this week.

The cuff is available here.  I don't even remember when I first decided that I should make a triangle embellished cuff.  I ordered the first three sets of triangles well over two years ago.  This past fall I finally got motivated to find one more set to round out the color combination and to make sure that I had coordinating cubes.  These pictures really don't do the color balance justice.  The green and purple blend beautifully with the blue.  I'm pleased with the overall look, especially the chunky triangle side fringe.  I would love to make another one of these if I can ever put together another great set of triangle beads and cubes.  Triangles can be hard to find.

I also completed a new custom order this week.  I am almost as excited about the story behind this order as I am with the finished jewelry.  Shannon (beadsandbabble) has a friend (acquaintance? not really sure about the connection) contact her about a jewelry order, using some of Shannon's beads.  Shannon is super busy right now getting ready for her son's wedding and filling tons of orders for her shop.  So she referred her friend to me and sent me a note as well about the order.  The request seemed pretty straight forward.  We worked out all of the details.  She ordered the beads, which I shared here previously, and had Shannon send them directly to me.  As soon as we got back from Milwaukee last weekend, I got to work.

I'm not sure why the bracelet picture is a little more vivid.  The seed beads are from the same hank as the necklace beads.  This was definitely a little different endeavor for me.  It was a pretty straight forward project, but like with just about any new crafting technique, there is a little learning curve.  Honestly the hardest part about these pieces for me was mastering the square knots.  I got my directions from this tutorial and kept them in front of me the entire time I was working on both pieces.  Otherwise the stringing and clasps weren't too difficult.  FYI, if anyone is planning to make pieces like these: it's really important to glue every square knot.  You can wait until the end to glue all of them, but I found it easiest to keep everything tight by gluing as I went.  I use Loctite Super Glue, which is some of the best glue you'll ever find.

Both pieces have extender chains so the length can be adjusted on either as needed.  Both pieces can also be worn straight or twisted.  These pieces are gifts for a good friend of the buyer.  Hopefully she'll be as pleased with them as we are.

I also have to give Shannon another huge thank you for the referral!  I never would have gotten to do this without her.  As always, her beads were wonderful to work with for both pieces.  I am not in a hurry to make anything like this in the near future, but it's tempting to just so I can order another Czech seed bead hank.

I'm waiting for my massive load of leaf beads for my next custom order now.  While I'm waiting, I'll be working on my Art Beads piece and the plan for my next EBW challenge piece.

I keep forgetting to post my newest crafty hub here: Shipping and Packing Resources for Online Jewelry Sellers.  If you've missed any past hub links, all of my crafty hubs are linked on the right side of my blog now.


  1. Both pieces look great! I really love the multi stranded beads:)

  2. You are perfection personified as far as I am concerned.


  3. Your new bracelet is so cheery and I really like the custom order set too!

  4. The multi-strand set looks just like I had imagined -- FABULOUS! I like that you can alternate between wearing it straight or twisted.

    This is the first time I've seen triangular-shaped beads. Great colour combination and amazing workmanship!

  5. Congrats on the referral! The pieces are great!

  6. they're great looking pieces and the colors are so smooth. Always nice to have extensions {:-D

  7. A very cheerful bracelet, and I love the multi-strand set. It feels like nuts and seed to me. YUM!

  8. Thanks so much ladies! Deb, it definitely is. Hopefully they'll be helpful for the recipient. I love your comparison, Marsha!

  9. How could I have missed your blog ? This is my first time here and I love it! The skinny bracelet reminds me of terrazzo flooring! So cheerful and the colors are wonderful.
    I will be back for more soon.

  10. Kinga, I don't know. I've been blogging here for over 2 years and post lots of links to my blog on the EBW threads. Glad that you're here, though! Thanks!


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