Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Top Droppers and my first discontinued sale

It's a new month, which means that once again it's time to thank my Top Droppers.  As always, I appreciate everyone who drops by my blog regularly, whether or not you are on Entrecard.  And I especially appreciate those of you who comment.  Thank you!

1) BeadedTail
2) Sparkle
3) The Pond
4) The Sewing Mom
5) Melissa's Jewelry and Gem Blog
6) Learn Affiliate Marketing
7) N. Fallon Design Studio
8) PetsBlogs
9) The Twitterer
10) Living the Gourmet

Please check out some of the Top Droppers and some of my other top commenters who have Etsy shops.  Also, after last month's Top Dropper's post, Sharla (BeadedTail) told me that I should feature Sparkle's book so that's included here, too.

Carnelian and Tanzanite SS Ring by missy69

PDF Pattern Ruffle Twirl Skirt by LittleAndalucia

Mother's Day Photo Album Scrapbook - MOTHER by memoriesforlifesb

Lot no. 2 - (50) Comic book paper beads by storybeader

A new month also means a new sale in my Etsy shop.  I have not sold anything of my chain link or skinny beadwoven bracelets from this section the entire 2+ years I've been on Etsy.  I have sold a couple skinny bracelets in person, but I don't think that it's worth continuing to make and list them here.  So the entire section is discounted right now.  Go get them while you can.  I haven't decided if I'll continue to renew the listings when they're ready to expire or not.


  1. that's a good idea to but a section on sale! I might do that... Thanks for including my paper beads. Maybe next month, one of my goals should be to EC drop every day... {:-D

  2. Thanks for the feature and thanks for dropping on me too! My kitties love Sparkle's book - she gives great kitty advice! Hope you sell off you discontinued items.

  3. That is PAWSOME that you featured my book! Thank you!!! (And thanks for the compliment, Sharla!)

  4. You're welcome Sharla and Sparkle! Deb, I do drop on EC everyday, but a lot of days, it's only 10-15 sites, which isn't very time consuming.

  5. What a great items!!! Thanks for including my album :)

  6. You're welcome Edi! Thanks Ruthie!


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