Wednesday, June 15, 2011

final Iowa City bead purchase and a sneak peak

One of the last times I was down in Iowa City to get my hair cut, I made a final stop at the bead shop there: Beadology.
When I took the pictures for this blog post, I'd already torn down my light box set up so I took this shots in the living room with a Stauer catalog.  I'm way out of practice with that but I did all right.  Anyway, yes, I just went to a bead store in Chicago, but I wanted the packaged seed beads from Beadology.  The red beads are just plain red in person.  They look almost pink here.  Of course I had to look around at everything else and got a dagger strand and two leaf strands, too.

Sadly because our closing date got pushed back, I did not make it to Milwaukee in time for Bead and Button this year.  I will do everything that I can to be there next year.  For now, I will have to start scouting new bead stores in Milwaukee.

I finished my July EBW challenge piece over the weekend.  I'm not going to take the listing photos until I have my light box set up again, but you get a sneak peak for now.
I'll have lots more details about it when I list it.  For now, I'll just say that the biggest challenge of this piece is that it's the first time I've done true free form detail.  You can judge for yourself whether you think it was successful or not. :)


  1. Gorgeous beading : )

  2. Are those purple dagger beads? Oh my can't to see what you do with them!

  3.'s kind of scary when you're leaving what you know and having to source new supply stores! Lovely new piece though, it looks very sea-floor esque!

  4. when I first saw the pics, I thought, look at all those pics on the table! And then I saw the loop! It does look very freeform to me. Bead stores, one of my favorites! {:-D

  5. The sneak peek is very intriguing!
    I'm sure you'll have lots of fun scouting out new stores!

  6. Grace, yep. :) I'll be sure to post pictures! I will keep everyone updated on my store scouting adventures, too.


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