Sunday, June 12, 2011

treasury round up and new goodies

As always, I'm so honored to have my pieces included in treasuries on Etsy.  Thanks much to all of my curators!

Angela (AngelaDesign) included my Beaded Bracelet - Black and Pink in her Black and Pink treasury.  I never get tired of this color combination!

Christina doesn't have anything available in that particular Etsy shop right now.

 I was in Chicago briefly last weekend on my way to Kenosha for my little sister-in-law's high school graduation.  I had not been bead shopping in Chicago in months so I had to hit one of my favorite shops again: Briolette.
I am always looking for more size 6 Czech seed beads.  I use a lot of them in almost all of my right angle weave designs.  Briolette has a pretty good selection so I usually pick up a few when I'm there.  Both the cream and yellow beads will be for my July EBW Challenge piece, as well as many other pieces, I'm sure.  I go through a lot of cube beads for my skinny embellished peyote cuffs, too, so picking up a couple more of those is always a good idea, too.

One of my favorite things at Briolette is their Czech glass mixed bowls.  They sort them by color and let you mix and match to fill the little bags.  I could seriously spend hours digging through them, filling many many bags.  Normally I limit myself to two bags, but I went for four this time, largely because they had so many leaf beads.  I hadn't seen this many there in a couple years.  I picked up a few other assorted shapes as well, including the adorable drilled Domino beads.  I think that they would make perfect little earrings.  I may work up a few of those for Christmas in July.


  1. Congrats on the treasuries!
    I bet you're like a kid in a candy store at that shop :)

  2. You are very popular, and rightly so! "I" would be like a kid in a candy shop myself!!! :D

    Looking forward to seeing your new creations.

  3. I love going into bead stores, even though I'm not beading anymore. Like the drilled dominos! {:-D

  4. All the treasuries look fabulous, but the pink one is my I'm your "neighbour" in it ;-)
    Isn't it just great to stock up on supplies?

  5. Great looking treasuries--I have to agree with Duni, the pink is my favorite!!

  6. Thanks ladies!

    My mom always says that bead stores are like candy stores for grown ups. I'm glad that she's not the only one who uses that analogy.

    Duni, it definitely is great to stock up!


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