Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Link List

Here's this Saturday's edition of my weekly link list.  Enjoy!

My mom made this fairly regularly in the summer when I was growing up.  You can easily exchange any veggies and/or herbs/spices to suit your (and your family's) tastes (or to cater to whatever is currently in the fridge).  This is so simple, but such a good idea.

I am planning to post free crafty tutorials most of the time in this link list.  I know that many of you reading this already know how to search Etsy for numerous PDF patterns and like to take advantage of free goodies.  However, I find this while putting together my craft fair hub a couple weeks ago and couldn't resist including it.  For those who sew and do craft fairs, this is a cheaper option for a vendor apron!  You can also customize it however you'd like.

This is a great idea for a blog.  Mandy does a good job with a lot of her posts so it continues to be an interesting read.  I wanted to include this here because 1) you can get a lot of inspiration from it and 2) Mandy includes tons of links for the free tutorials that she uses.

I finally added this shop to my favorites list after I ordered my second set of these blue leaf beads from her.  Both times I've ordered several other sets of beads as well and have been pleased with everything.  I fully believe in supporting the Etsy community so I take advantage of supply sellers with competitive prices when I can.


  1. I love these posts...great idea! The pizza looks yummy :)

  2. These links are always so fun! I agree with Edi, that pizza does look good!

  3. Everything is so pretty. I also love the little penguin. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. Catherine xo

  4. Thanks ladies! The pizza is great. Perfect for almost any summer night. :)


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