Friday, June 10, 2011

leafy feature: random June edition

I skipped the leafy feature in May!  I definitely didn't plan for that to happen.  This is the longest time that I've gone without one on here in months.  Too much other stuff going on!  But it's back in full force now.  Enjoy!

Jade Cuttings Collection - Large Succulent Plant Cuttings - Perfect for Bonsai by TheSucculentGarden

Carolina Sky Blue...Three Raku Two Hole Buttons by wondrousstrange

Hosta Leaf Platter by Botanic2Ceramic

4x4 Tile Coasters No. 014 - Turquoise Leaf Print by thenestingnook

Dipping dish - leaves in chartreuse by hopejohnson

Mar y Hojas Polymer Clay Beads by Artybecca

15mm Flexible Antique Brass Five Leaf Filigree Metal Spacer Bead Caps from beadsandbabble


  1. What a lovely assortment of leaf themed work:) So pleased to have my work included!! Are not artists just the best thing going...:) Thanks bunches!!!

  2. I love all the cool succulent items on Etsy! These might be the only house plants I can keep alive :)

  3. Thanks for including my hosta leaf on your blog. You have a wonderful selection....I want them all!:)

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  5. Wonderful picks full of color and texture! Just order some of the bead spacers.

    Thanks for featuring my coasters :)

  6. I like all your leafy finds! So diverse but all lovely!

  7. what beautiful choices! I love the baked clay, and that photo of bonsai is great! I've never had good luck with that plant... never lived long enough to become part of the family... {:-D

  8. Nice leafy plates!
    Thank for including my little beads with this lovely gang.

  9. To those included in this collection, you're very welcome! Thanks to everyone else for the feedback. :) I'm glad that this was another well received leafy collection.


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