Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Top Droppers and news for June

A new month means that once again, it's time to thank my top droppers from the past month.  It's been another good month for my shop and my blog.  I didn't have landslide hearts and views this month like I did for March and April, but I continued to have steady sales.

I really appreciate all of the people who stop by my blog regularly, especially those of you who comment!  Here are the top 10 for May.

1) BeadedTail
2) Sparkle
3) The Pond
4) Learn Affiliate Marketing
5) Sewing Mom
6) Melissa's Jewelry and Gem Blog
7) the crazy suburban mom
8) N. Fallon Design Studio
9) Stroll Through Storyland
10) PetsBlogs

Here are some lovely items from my top commenters.  All of these ladies are awesome.  Start leaving me thoughtful messages on a regular basis and one of your items might be here next month!

Plum Drop - Purple Polymer Clay and Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings by BeadedTail

Lot no. 5 - Purple comic book paper beads by storybeader

Knit Coin Purse in Grey/Rainbow Polka Dots by nfall2rt

Custom Destination Vacation Photo Album Scrapbook - Up to 6 Letters by memoriesforlifesb

I'm going to keep my discounting sale through the end of June.  All items from my super skinny peyote line and chain link bracelet line are 25% off.  They haven't done very well on Etsy, and I'm ready to move on and concentrate on more successful lines.  Get them while you can!

My little sister-in-law is graduating from high school and Jake and I are moving to Milwaukee this month.  As of Friday when my school year ends, I will no longer have a laptop through work.  I will keep my shop open all month so my June EBW entry will be included in the voting process.  Once we get Internet up in our new place, I'll be back in full swing, but the first part of this month is not going to be as busy as things usually are here.

After we've settled, I'll be in full preparation for Christmas in July, though.  (Hopefully Etsy is planning this event again!)  I have a couple new patriotic bracelet ideas and will be running a button earring promotion like I did for the Christmas 2010 shopping season.


  1. Thanks for the feature and for dropping on me too! June is going to be an exciting month for you and I hope everything goes well too! Purrs to Angel!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my album :)
    I hope the move goes smoothly and you're back up and running in no time!

  3. Thanks for mentioning me! I love checking out everyone's crafts - there are so many talented bloggers out there!

  4. You're welcome ladies! Thanks for the well wishes with everything this month!

  5. thanks for including a pic of my beads. You must be awfully busy right now and I can't imagine posting during moving. I'm so glad you all have a place to settle into when you leave your house, and Jake goes full-swing into a new job! Wonder what his hours will be? {:-D

  6. You're welcome! I won't be, but I'll have some scheduled posts. His hours will really vary from month to month.


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