Thursday, June 2, 2011

working with metallics and wrapping up May custom orders

I don't work with metallic beads very often.  However, I got inspired to make this piece after I made my winter Art Beads piece, which had metallic cube beads as part of the base.

It's available here.  The small embellishment beads were a freebie from Shannon (beadsandbabble) a while back.  A couple of them are still available here. This was definitely a break from my usual colorful palette.  It's good to mix it up with these neutrals sometimes.

This week I finally wrapped up my last two May custom orders.  I finished the second of two leafy bracelets for a new customer.
The customer wanted the purple in the design and less brown the original.  I never would have though to put purple with this palette, but the result is neat!  I had plenty of beads to make another one so there will be one similar to this in the shop soon.  The new one will have touches of purple and green with lots of gold.  I'm super excited about it.  I  used more focal beads from alishawhite for this piece.

I also finished the earrings to match my periwinkle and black leafy design, a slightly different version of my original leafy design.  Remember my sneak peak?  I had to rework this design a couple times, but the final result was worth it.

I'm not making a lot of earrings right now because there are plenty in my shop as it is and my interests are elsewhere.  But I'm always happy to make custom requests like this.

This week I also got a lovely picture of the recipient of another recent custom order.
I love seeing people wearing my work!

May custom orders are officially wrapped up.  Bring it on June!


  1. Lovely new pieces. I always love metallics- they're very classic and go with almost anything. Congrats on the custom pieces- nice photo!

  2. Wow! all beautiful! I like the little loop at the top of the periwinkle and black earrings. an excellent design!

  3. looks like you've been busy! Great marketing, showing others wearing your jewelry. Someone said they were going to show me the necklace they made with my beads. Can't wait! {:-D

  4. Yay!...isn't getting photos from customers fun :)
    Metallics are always a great addition...they go with everything!

  5. Thanks ladies! I'm glad that the metallic combination was so well received. I agree, Nancy and Edi, that metallics do go with just about anything.

    Deb, I hope that you do get to see a picture of one of the necklaces made with your beads!

  6. Wow Rose, this is awesome. What a great customer to send you this photo of her wearing your work. So much fun to be able to put it all together and "wrap" it up!

    P.S. Thank you so much for sending me your message re: loops

  7. Thanks, Re! For sure! (No problem.)


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