Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Link List

Welcome to this week's edition of my link list.  Enjoy!

I promise that I will not feature posts from How About Orange every week, but it's tough because Jessica has so many awesome things over there.  She recently created a free printable business card template.  I love argyle so I couldn't resist including this.  Even if you don't need business cards, these would be really cute to use for coupons or other promotional stuff for a shop.

Laurie has put together an amazing collection of cardboard box projects to make at home with your kids.  As long as you have boxes, you will never be bored again on a rainy day.  I came across this while I was still collecting boxes for our recent move and had to laugh.  I never want to see boxes again, but this is still a lot of fun.  A lot of these would be awesome additions to daycares, preschools, and kindergarten classrooms, too.

Laura hosted a wonderful tutorial on her blog for these notebook bags.  This is a great, inexpensive project to do with kids and makes a wonderful teacher gift.

For those of you who, like me, were fans of French silk chocolate pie back in the days of raw egg desserts, this is a great alternative without any raw eggs.  I love chocolate in about any form so I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed with this recipe, but it really does taste like a French silk pie.  I made this for Thanksgiving a couple years ago, and it was a big hit.  It's a wonderful summer dessert, too, because it doesn't involve any baking.

I know that we all need inspiration on this topic regularly.  As most of you already know, I do a lot of my beading in the living room and will never have one space dedicated solely to my crafting.  However, I'm doing my best to keep the organization methods from our condo in our new house.  My pictures will never look like this, but I will have some organization stuff up here again at some point.  For now, check out Kim's great post about it.


  1. Those biz cards are great and I love your idea of using them for coupon codes as well!

  2. Wonder if there's any tips on how to create cardboard kitty forts? The chocolate pie looks so good and the last photo, so unrealistic but inspiring nonetheless!

  3. love what she did with the cardboard boxes! great post! {:-D

  4. Edi, thanks! I've had a decent success with my coupon codes for return customers so I encourage others to try it, too.

    Sharla, there are probably are! Haha I know what you mean about the studio set up.

    I agree, Deb!


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