Monday, June 13, 2011

keeping it simple

My listing schedule and posts are still a little off because the closing date for our new house got pushed back.  So I'm including pictures here of a couple new listings from this past week, both of which are simple every day pieces that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

This first one is available here.  I created this with the seed bead mix that I had left over after I've completed this cuff.  I don't think that I need to give a whole lot of explanation for why this is a great color combination here.  This is a pretty classic combination of colors.  I love the way that the periwinkle pops.  I made one of these for myself as well.  I love these skinny bracelets.  They're so versatile.  Because they are so skinny and light weight, it's easy to layer several of them next to each other.

Remember my custom order this spring that included this piece?  After I'd completed the order, I put together a similar bracelet to sell.  This was a design that took a long time to create because I really wasn't sure what I was doing when I started.  I re-did large portions of the original three or four times to get it the way I wanted.  The second one that I made earlier this year took almost as long because by then it had been a while since I'd worked the pattern.  I was surprised at how quickly the third one went and even more so, this fourth final (for now anyway) one, went.  This new one is available here.  I can make more pendants and/or earrings on request as well.

As I mentioned in my custom order post, I like the idea of making a set in turquoise.  That hasn't happened yet, but we'll see!


  1. Very nice! Hope all is going well with the house- I know that can really take a lot of time and be a hassle!

  2. Continued best going with the moving/closing(s). Very pretty bracelet and I really like how you made the clasp on the first one so it will adjust to wrist sizes! Thanks for the new idea!!! x0

  3. Those are pretty bracelets! Your color combinations are always so lovely and fun! Good luck with the closing and upcoming move! Purrs to Angel!

  4. Good Luck with the house! So, you are on the buying end and I am on the selling end. Or, are you on both ends? lol.. no matter, they both aren't very fun ends to be on.. I look forward to the middle part, where I am neither buying or selling, and just can get on with life! lol!

  5. I like the metal circle inside the shell. Looks neat! And your cuffs are always beautiful. Don't wear bracelets too much - maybe I'll start! {:-D

  6. Thanks everyone! I already sent Re and Kristin follow up e-mails. I really appreciate the feedback on my new pieces and well wishes for our new house.


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