Wednesday, June 6, 2012

another edition of color combination inspiration

I am so excited at all of the great feedback that I've gotten from my color combination inspiration posts!  I got a lot of great, new color combination suggestions from my last post as well as some requests to revisit favorite combinations.

As always, I have done my best to include a wide range of subjects.  You can pull great color combos from virtually any medium for any kind of crafting.  Enjoy!

Green/Mauve revisit from Ann (thanks to Linda for this awesome suggestion last time!)

Burgundy/Hunter Green from Ann
This isn't quite hunter, but it's a rich green.

Burgundy/Navy from Ann

Red/White/Blue from Ann (perfect for the upcoming holiday!)

Yellow/Pink/Gray from Edi
Source: via Anita on Pinterest

Blue/Brown revisit from Jess (this has been another popular one)

Turquoise/Red from Tammy (yep, someone else loves this!)

Lime Green/Tangerine/Hot Pink from Kaili
Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

Bright Red/Apple Green/Bright Purple from Kaili

Leafy Green/Dark Chocolate Brown from Kaili

What new color combinations have you worked with lately or what colors are inspiring you these days?  Your contributions will keep this series going!

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  1. Gorgeous! Lately I've working out different color arrangements with grey since we just painted most of our house grey! The kitchen will have pops of yellow; my studio has pops of turquoise, brown and lavender; and everywhere else has brown, green, & turquoise.

  2. Dear Rose, I love these pictures. They are all beautiful and transporting. Have a great day. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Lovely colours

  4. Love the green and mauve best!

  5. I thinkg the more unusal one was the red/applegreen/purple. Really different! I have used a combo lately that incldes a carrot/cinnamon color and black.

  6. Great color combos! I will be back to see more of your inspirations!

    My most recent color inspiration is an apple red/aqua/lime green combo.

  7. What fun inspiration! I haven't thought of some of those combos before but I liked them all. I've noticed purple and turquoise lately and I'm liking it!

  8. I really love that pink, yellow, and grey combo. I see grey paired with yellow a lot, but I love the spark that the bright pink adds. :)

  9. Love the lime, tangerine and pink :) And I'm sitting outside right the green and brown are looking pretty good too :)

  10. Love this series! I also love red/black/white (and decorated my bedroom with that scheme). :)

  11. What a lovely series of combos, Rose! Because we've been out of town, I missed what you are doing here. Inspirational!

  12. Nice color combos. I am really into black and white these days, with just a dash of some popping color :)

  13. This is so fun. I really like the red and turquoise. I added a couple of red beads to a turquoise necklace today and it totally changed the whole mood. It was awesome. :-)

    Next time I'd like to see something metallic!

  14. another great selection of color combos.

  15. Very fun color combinations! I like burgundy and just about any color. I used to frame black and white drawings and photos in burgundy mats and decorative black frames. Very lucious ;-)

  16. Fabulous colour combos! I love the yellow/pink - in fact, i wore an outfit in these colours recently ;-)
    Turquoise/red is also a favourite!

  17. Loving the colors in all of the photos!

  18. I love those combinations! The turquoise and red are awesome together.
    Everyday Inspired

  19. great post! I love looking at color combos. One of my favorites is (light) blue/brown. And burgundy is a great color, but I must say I always feel like I'm celebrating Christmas when I pair it with any color green. Guess I've been brain-washed... {:-D


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