Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Mid-Month Sponsor Love

I'm celebrating the middle of the month with a shout out to all of my awesome sponsors!

Once again, I'm highlighting a few recent posts from Nancy's blog.  As always, Nancy has been working on all sorts of different projects.
  • Nancy has been filling her porch with all sorts of lovely plants this spring and summer.  It's so inspiring!
  • Among other home renovation projects, Nancy has her guest room almost all put together.  Who wouldn't want to stay there? 
  • She's continuing to work her way through Sewing 101.  This card wallet is one of her most recent projects.  Did you know that she's giving away a lot of her sewing creations?  Stop by her blog for information about the latest giveaway.

  • Jamie has a brand new blog hop: I <3 My Blog that is replacing her Make Yourself Monday hop.  The fun continues!
  • Jamie made a great Pinterest-inspired artwork board for her little one's room.
  • She shares my love of going to the zoo and put up some pictures from a recent trip there. 

Edi quit her job and is running her own business full time now!  We are so excited for her.  This means that she has more going on in her shop than ever.
Linda of lindab142
Here are a few new picks from Linda's shop.

 Nicole of KnitNicoleKnit
Nicole has a variety of new earrings available.  Check out her sale scarves, too.
Linda of PruittCreations
Linda has a variety of new embroidery hoops and fabric coasters in her shop.  I can't even begin to pick a favorite!

Angela of AngleAh
I'm sure that it's not a surprise that I always enjoy checking in with Angela's shop.  Her items inspire me every time.

Anna of movetheneedle
Check out some of Anna's newest cards.

  • Paige has been making lots of new pieces for her summer shows.  Check out a few of her goodies right here.
  • Paige puts together a great Pinterest feature most Fridays.  You know that you need to add some more gorgeous picks to your Pinterest boards.
  • Have you seen those painting covered word DIYs on Pinterest?  Paige put together her own and put together a little tutorial for it.
Kristen of milo and molly
  • Kristen blogged about her newly created guacamole recipe this month.  If you don't already have a go to guacamole recipe, check this out.
  • Kristen shared some great tips for refinishing a double fireplace
  • There is a great town dump in Kristen's area.  Check out her latest awesome find  
And please welcome my newest blog sponsor, Valerie of additionsstyle!
I hope that you found some useful resources today!
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  1. It's so generous of you to feature others on your blog...I hope they return the favor...

  2. Nice feature! It's great to see so many of my favorite blogs and shops.
    Everyday inspired

  3. Fabulous sponsors! Must check out the ones I don't know yet!
    have a great day,

  4. Thanks for this post Rose!

  5. So many cool projects from your sponsors! I love that jewelry from your newest sponsor. Cute stuff ;)

  6. Congratulations to Edi! That is so exciting.

  7. I'm always excited to be included in this group! :-)

  8. You have an awesome group of sponsors and I'm happy to be among them :)
    Off to check out all the great links I just opened!

  9. Thank you Rose! It's always a great group to be in with!

  10. Rose, thanks so much for the shoutout.

    Edi, that's fabulous - I didn't know.

    Valerie and I met online a while ago. Welcome!

  11. Nice of you to acknowledge them. Looks like a great bunch of sponsors

  12. Thanks Rose, for the shout out! You are an awesome blogger to advertise with! Hope you get some more advertisers!!!!

  13. I enjoyed these posts on your sponsors and appreciated that you told us about more than just the items in their shops.

  14. how nice to feature your sponsors! Congrats. on having so many! {:-D


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