Thursday, June 21, 2012

another edition of color combination inspiration

Welcome to another edition of color combination inspiration!  I am really excited that this series has done so well and have all of you to thank for another round of awesome color suggestions.  As always, I have done my best to include a wide variety of subjects, as you can get inspiration anywhere for any type of art form.  Enjoy.

I'm getting tired of dealing with the whacked out Pinterest embedded HTML so I've simply linked the sources to the photos.

Red/Black/White from Kaili
Green/Brown from Edi

Purple/Turquoise from Sharla
Apple Red/Aqua/Lime Green from Sandy
Black and White with a pop of color from ImagesByCW

Something Metallic from Paige
Gray/Turquoise from Nancy
Yellow/Pink revisited from Duni

Turquoise/Red revisited from multiple bloggers...yep, it's not all coming from me!
Burgundy/Black from Kathy

Light Blue/Brown from Deb

What color combinations have been rocking your world lately or just seem to keep popping up in your life?  Share your thoughts so we can keep the series going!

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  1. Those nails are so amazing. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into them.

  2. How did that person get those lines so straight on the nails?!!

    I do like that purple you found.

    Have you done orange and blue, yet?

  3. Purple/Turquoise is a beautiful yet unusual combination I haven't seen around here before. I love the long dress!
    Thanks for the link love - much appreciated :)

  4. I've always loved pink and yellow. Purple and lime green is one that appeals to many

  5. Love the red/aqua/lime green embroidery! I've been working with a hot blue/lime green/greenish yellow combo lately so that's what's on my mind!

  6. The brown and green is pretty but I really like the turquoise and purple you found. When I was looking for purple paint a lot of complimentary color suggestions from the paint suppliers was turquoise.

  7. Gorgeous color combinations, especially the purple and turquoise. The Summer of Color challenge last week was Mint Chocolate Chip so I've been dreaming about green and brown.

  8. Oh wow! The purple and turquoise look awesome!
    I've had a couple requests for wedding items in eggplant and gold lately...a fun combo!
    And one I use a lot in scrapbooks, but tend to forget about in the summer is navy, hunter green and maroon.

  9. I love the purple and turquoise combo. that's really pretty

  10. Wow...that turquoise/ purple spread from Sharla really pops! That ombre dress is amazing!

  11. Wow - great color combinations! Guess I have been in the red/yellow/green colors since I am painting mangos ;-)

  12. I love color so much that almost every combination excites me. Making tie dye shirts in requested colors for so many years has opened my eyes to many delightful combinations.

  13. great color combos. I like Nancy's grey/turquoise combo. And I still like the blue/brown - I need to do something with that! {:-D

  14. Love this series, and I love that purple & turquoise combo. I also love sage green with reddish brown, orange, grey & white, and blue, pink & purple.


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