Monday, June 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro on Monday (6/25/12)

Welcome to another edition of the photo Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro! I've also included my weekly update about my monthly photo challenge progress. Enjoy!

1) Warped
I did a mini flower photo shoot at my in-laws' house when we were down there last week for Father's Day.  For the warped theme here, I used Picasa to apply a tint and then the Holga-ish effect.

2) Concentric Circles
I pulled from my scrapbook paper stash again.

3) Gear
The gear that I use every day to give Angel her blood pressure medication.  I crush the pill on the plate with the back of the spoon and then mix it into the sour cream.

4) Glazed
I've been (slowly) making some new glass magnets and charms and experimenting with some bottle cap designs for the open house next month.

5) Marble
I have no idea if there is any real marble involved in these steps.  They're part of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Check out Ashley's blog to see what other people submitted for the themes this week.

Here's my shot for I Heart Macro.
This is another one of my shots from my mini flower shoot on Father's Day.

studio waterstone

 The Monthly Photo Challenge Update: 
My June Photo a Day Board is going well.  Can you believe that we're already nearing the end of the month already?  Follow the board on Pinterest to get the most current updates! Stay tuned later this week for a monthly blog post wrap up for June.

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  1. Great photos today especially the first one and the one titled "Equipment" - actually that may be my favorite..

  2. Wonderful photos. I especially like the first one of the geranium bud.

  3. The first photo is fantastic! Great job capturing the flower and the theme.

  4. I left a comment here earlier, but now it's gone :-/

    Anyway, I bet Angel loves the sour cream - the pill probably not so much ;-)
    So sorry she needs medication. My Mom's kitty does as well and she gets it first thing in the morning when she's at her hungriest!
    The first shot is amazing!

  5. I bet the sour cream makes Angel feel better about the medicine. It is probably the highlight of her day.

  6. The flower is very pretty. Love the red!!

  7. Your "warped" photo is so great! It's a piece of art!
    Loved seeing your photo a day photos too :)

  8. Glazed is so creative - love that.

  9. Your photos are always so creative! I enjoy your scavenger hunt days!

  10. Very nice photos. I love the warped one. Isn't it great how versatile scrapbook paper can be too :)

  11. Great choices! The paper is very cool.

  12. I need to do the scavenger hunts. When my life settles down, I plan to do exactly that. I think it would challenge me photographically-wise. Nice macro shot by the way!

  13. sour cream - who would have thought! Nice job on this week's words.

  14. Beautiful set this week! Nicely done. I really love each one!

  15. A fantastic collection of photos, I love love love the first one. Perfect choice for wrapped.
    Everyday Inspired

  16. Very fun! Love the flower shots! Yep, I remember doing that with pills - only change the sour cream to bits of canned dog food.

  17. I want to visit the Art Museum (again!). The last time I went was quite a few years ago, and it was amazing! Good luck on your upcoming Open House--I didn't know you were doing another.

  18. love all the flowers. great warped photo! Have a fun time playing with the magnets and all! {:-D


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