Monday, June 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro on Monday (6/11/12)

Welcome to another edition of the photo Scavenger Hunt and I Heart Macro! I've also included my weekly update about my monthly photo challenge progress. Enjoy!

1) Travel
We aren't planning any major travels until the fall or later so this is where our suitcases will be staying for a while.  I used the HDR-ish filter in Picasa to get this effect if anyone wants to try it.

2) Silly
Our blurry kitty has a lot of odd food preferences.  She's licking some hummus off of my finger here.

3) Black and White
The VA hosted a huge civil war reenactment last weekend, which we did attend for a little while.  We honestly had no idea what the scope of this event would be and will plan on going for more of it next year.  I went back the next day for the very end of it and took some pictures during the tear down process.

4) Spots
How can you not love this scrapbook paper?

5) Paper
Here are just a few of the newest greeting cards that I've made.  I have 95% of the photos that I need to put together a little tutorial for those gift tag cards on the top.

Check out Ashley's blog to see what other people submitted for the themes this week.

Here's my shot for I Heart Macro.
The July EBW Challenge theme is Tangerine, which is one of Pantone's color picks for 2012.

studio waterstone

The Monthly Photo Challenge Update:
My June Photo a Day Board up and running.  Follow the board on Pinterest to get the most current updates!

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  1. Angel's such a cutie as always :)
    I love your macro shot...can't wait to see it done!

  2. The macro is great and paper is always fun to have around:)

  3. Now that is tangerine! Love it! Can't wait to see the finished product ;)

  4. Ooh, the tangerine beads looks lovely!
    Love your musical note cards and the tags :)

  5. Angel is cute and healthy with eating hummus! :) Love the macro shot and I couldn't resist that paper!

  6. Love the colors in the macro!

  7. Our luggage is in storage as well. I feed our kitty human food too!! He loves it!

  8. your luggage shot and the black and white are fun shots! =)

  9. Very nice, I especially love your b/w and spots!

  10. It's awesome to watch the process of how your photography is evolving. I absolutely love that photo of the reenactment tent. I'm sure it will even get better when you get your SLR!

  11. I had a cat who would eat just about anything, I think his favorite food was popcorn.
    Love the color of those tangerine beads

  12. I didn't know I heart macro was a thing. I should probably participate because I do! :)
    I've never been to a civil war reenactment and only seen them in movies or on tv, but they look sort of...intense? Haha. Was it like that? Or more just family fun for the kids? I always wonder about those sorts of things.

  13. love that tangerine color! And of course, anything to do with paper. Cute tags! {:-D

  14. I love the tangerine Rose. That color rocks times two.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  15. Great set - I especially like your black and white.

  16. Your macro shot is awesome -- especially when you click on it and increase the size! The piece you are making will be hot, hot, hot for summer wearing!

  17. Nice collection of photos, I love you new card designs!
    Everyday Inspired


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