Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 Third Quarter Goal Check In

I completely forgot about my quarterly goal check in until pretty late last month. So this is a little late for the third quarter, but better late than never, right? I don't know how many of you remember this, but I set goals for 2012 back in January and have been doing my best to check in with them on a regular basis. You can go back and visit my First Quarter and Second Quarter check ins. Here's how things have been going the past few months.

1.  Have 140 sales on Etsy in my randomcreative shop.
To date, I've had 58 sales in my Etsy shop for 2012. I have still increased my sales frequency slightly since my last check in and am averaging 1.6 sales per week. With the holiday season still ahead, I'm hopeful that I'll hit 100 sales for the year.

2. Introduce and continue to develop my new herringbone line and its charm/pendant components.
I did successfully introduce and continue to develop my herringbone designs and charm/pendant components. I have sold a handful of charms and pendants this year. To date, I have sold zero wrap herringbone pieces, which includes show sales. This is the third year that I've introduced a brand new line for my shop that included a lot of build up and promo, and it's the third year that it's gone nowhere. I will continue to introduce new products in 2013, but I will not do another build up like this. It simply has not paid off for me.

3.  Double my current long term earnings on HubPages.
I did double my earnings in both February and March. Then my earnings and views dropped off after Easter, and it took me a few months to build them back up again. The past couple months I have reached this goal again. Back in January, I said that ideally I'd like to triple my earnings by the end of the year. Now that I have doubled again and am going into the holiday season with seasonal articles already taking off, I'm still hoping that this may happen.

4.  Make at least one new greeting card design per week.
I slowed down with my greeting card production over the summer, but now that I have shows coming up again, this is back in full force. I will meet this goal this year.

5.  Expand my craft show lines.
I have done so much with my new craft show lines this year that it's hard to believe that my only non-jewelry items during my 2011 holiday shows were button magnets and tacks. I have added glass magnets, glass and metal charms, button hair pins, and greeting cards. I love getting to break up my jewelry making routine with other craft projects, which makes it easy to keep these in production as needed throughout the year.

6.  Complete a minimum of 6 EBW challenges and 6 BBA challenges.
I have met this goal for both teams already. I went kind of crazy with the EBW challenges in 2011, which was amazing, but I'm glad that I was able to diversify a little more in 2012. I think that 6 goals for each team was perfect this year. I will most likely complete at least one more challenge for each time before the end of the year, but if it doesn't happen, that's okay, too.

7.  Participate in 4-6 craft shows.
I've already participated in one craft show and two open houses in 2012. I have six craft shows scheduled for the holiday season, so I'm on track to exceed this goal.

8.  Starting making this blog more profitable.
I commented during my last goal check in that I'm making regular earnings from my blog ads and by regular earnings, I mean consistent, not large, amounts of money. Some people thought that this was snarky. Believe me, there are so many snarky things that I could say about this topic that I did not say. That wasn't my intent. I simply don't want a lot of comments asking me how to get rich with this type of blog because I'm not. I put a lot of time into my blog and am happy that it does pay off financially just a little bit.

9.  Better list making organization.
I am so happy about how well my list organization has gone this year. I have separate notebooks for "to do" lists, Etsy listings, and HubPages brainstorming and keyword research as well as a less frequently used notebook for non-jewelry Etsy listings. I have kept up with all of them all year. I have also reworked my "to do" format list a couple times as Jake's schedule has changed and as my freelance writing load has changed. It is so easy to keep doing what you always do because that's what you do and not change what doesn't work anymore. These changes have been for the best, and I'll continue to make revisions as needed in the future.

We're into the final stretch! I'll write a wrap up of my 2012 goals at the end of the year.

How are your 2012 goals going?


  1. Sounds like you're doing well overall! Like you, I have some areas that are great (shop-related things) and some that are iffy (exercising daily, cooking more). You actually reminded me that I should do another recap soon!

  2. I have short-term and long-term goals and happy to report that I've exceeded most short-term goals!
    I admire how you fit all of those things into your schedule plus 6 craft shows! Wow!

  3. Looks like you're on your way to achieving all your goals for the year. That's awesome. I was just looking at my goals for this year, and realized I have a few that I need to work on a little harder, or start :-)

  4. You're coming along great on your goals!
    I can't believe your herringbone line isn't selling...I think they're beautiful! But then again, I think we all have items like this in our shops. Some of the items I think will fly off the virtual shelves sit's crazy!
    Good luck with all your upcoming shows and the rest of your goals for the year :)

  5. Rose, you are GOOD with your goals! You're motivating me to get better at making them and then checking in on my progress. I've fallen off track a few times, and I've never really gotten back into the goal-setting mode, so you're really pushing me to do it.
    Thank you,

  6. Glad to hear that you've met and even surpassed most of your goals. I hear you though about the new product line build up going no where. That's happened to me many times. If I knew the answer, I'd be rich! But one piece of advice that I've gathered from various people/ ways is that the people like their neutrals. I haven't yet tested this with my own products, but plan to. Have you thought about making any wrap bracelets/ other pieces in solid black, brown, etc?

  7. You're doing so well on your goals! You're very inspiring to me on how hard you work to continue to change and improve. I get kinda stuck but you always motivate me to do something new and expand my horizons! :)

  8. Sounds like you are having a great year, meeting your goals and planning for the big finish. I'm sure you will surpass all your goals this holiday season, good luck with all your shows and Etsy sales.
    Everyday Inspired

  9. looks like your instincts were correct with the jewelry you started making! Good luck with your HubPages - they also seem to do well. You look very organized - I love it! I can't live with annual goals, too nerve-racking, so my goals are month by month. {:-D

  10. Dear Rose, Good luck in all of your choices. Blessings dearest. Catherine xo

  11. Congratulations, first in being so faithful about checking in with your goals, second in working so hard to meet them!
    wishing you continued inspiration and persistence.

  12. Rose, congrats on meeting and exceeding most of your goals. I used to carry magnets and hairpins, but find them too labor-intensive for the price. I reviewed my goals not too long ago, and it looks like I'm getting closer, but my sales numbers goals might be too high unless I include my shows.

    I hear you about introducing new lines. It doesn't work for me either. I'm designing jewelry that has sold in the past. If it works, I'm going to stick with it.

    Congrats on all your hard work.

  13. Congrats on your success with your goals! I love seeing how you've progressed.


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