Sunday, October 28, 2012

Treasury Round Up - 10/28/12

It's been another good treasury week! Please help me thank the curators who featured my work this past week by visiting their shops and checking out their treasuries.

Linda B. (lindab142) included my Beaded Bracelet - Christmas in her Holiday Shopping treasury. You could get a whole bunch of your holiday shopping out of the way with this treasury. Check out Linda's Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Earrings.

Cynthia (AntiquityTravelers) included my Beaded Cuff Bracelet - Dagger Fringed - Blue in her Aegean Blue treasury. This is a gorgeous mix of blue shades if items. Check out Cynthia's Earrings: Turquoise Hoops.

Judy (JNOriginals) included my Beaded Bracelet - The Leaf Series - Modern in her Sky Meets the Earth treasury. This is a great theme for a treasury, and I love the mix of items that Judy found for it. Check out her Crochet headwarmer with flower, copper, adjustable length.

Deb (storybeader) included my Beaded Bracelet - The Leaf Series - Fall Autumn in her Leaves are falling treasury. Of course I love this collection! Check out Deb's Handwrapped paper pumpkin beads.

Irene (FleurDeIrk) included my Beaded Cuff Bracelet - Multicolored Diagonal Stripe in her Zebra? treasury. This is such a creative take on a classic theme. Check out Irene's Striped agate in swirls setting necklace.

Regina (Reginao) included my Beaded Bracelet - Red in her October trends # 7 treasury. This wonderful mix of items is perfect for the season. Check out Regina's Bead embroidered necklace "Pomegranate wine" Red Rhodochrosite cabochon OOAK.

Thanks to those who linked up with me last week! Here are a few of the items they featured last week. Click on the photos to check out the product listings.

I am really touched by all the people whom I have inspired to start their own treasury round ups with awesome shop features and write ups!  Please link up with me and grab a button for your own post.  I know that not everyone posts these rounds ups on Sundays, which is fine.  I will leave this link up open all week.

If you link up, take the time to visit and comment on at least one other post.  No one benefits from linking up if we don't all support each other.

treasury round up


  1. Oh my!! thank you for including my earrings! and my recent treasury! All of these treasury groupings are so gorgeous - great kick off to a holiday shopping season!

  2. Thank you!
    Beautiful collection. Thank you so much!

  3. Wonderful treasuries and fabulous features.

  4. Love the treasuries - especially the bead weaving! Congrats. and thanks for highlighting my paper beads! {:-D.

  5. I made some handwrapped paper beads once -- messy but fun. Mine didn't turn out nearly as nice as Deb's. Neat stuff from everyone.

  6. wonderful treasuries and great features

  7. I love seeing how the treasuries change with the seasons. We're starting to go from fall the Christmas!
    Congrats on these beautiful treasuries!

  8. Beautiful! Congrats on all the treasuries! I love the features this week, too - stunning necklaces especially!

  9. Lots of great treasuries. Very nice. Thanks for including my earrings.


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