Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No More Entrecard, September Top Commenters, and October News

I hope that October has gotten off to a good start for everyone! Can you believe that it's October already? It feels like summer just ended a few days ago. Now we're well into the middle of fall.

No More Entrecard
One of the biggest pieces of news this month is that Entrecard is gone. In typical function, they jumped ship without any notification to the users. If you haven't heard what happened to them and our interested, you can read more about it at Dave Lucas. There were a lot of issues with Entrecard over the years and I often wondered if it paid off, but I stuck with it because I continued to meet great bloggers. That was true from late 2008 right up until the very end.

There are way too many awesome Entrecard bloggers to name. Whether you used it once upon a time a couple years ago or were still dropping every day through August of 2012, you know who you are. For those of you who are still stopping by every week, thank you! That means so much to me. I'm doing my best to add newer bloggers to my blog roll so I don't forget to visit anyone.

If you are still looking for ways to advertise with me, consider becoming a private sponsor (more information about that below) or join Project Wonderful. Project Wonderful is free and so easy to use.

If you're new to this blog, you can check out my Top Commenters widget on the right side of my blog.  It's under my blog roll.  I will feature an item or give a shout out to everyone on that list in this monthly post.  I really appreciate those of you who take the time to leave me feedback!

Thanks to Ann of Ann's Snap Edit Scrap for stopping by and commenting regularly!  Here are some lovely items from the ladies on my list who have Etsy shops.

1) Orange Sunset Artisan Lampwork Glass and Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings - Fall Sunset by BeadedTail
2) Red Hair Accessory Bobby Pins Hardware Lock Washer by additionsstyle
3) Sweetheart Sleep Mask. Red. Novelty by PeriDotbyDuni
4) Custom Name Photo Album Scrapbook for 4x6 Photos - 7 to 9 LETTERS by memoriesforlifesb
5) Owl Baby Mobile Eco Felt Softie Plushie Embroidery Red Black White by iHartFelt
6) Geisha Sketchbook Journal Moleskin Red Black White by clockworkghOst
7) Handmade Halloween journal by storybeader
8) Tie Dye T SHIRT, Youth, Halloween costume, long sleeve, heavy cotton, hand dyed, rainbow by SplendidLittleStars
9) Knit Coin Pursue Zipper Pouch Wallet - red and yellow color blocks from NFallonDesignStudio

Blog Sponsors and October Advertising:
I have an awesome round up of blog sponsors!  These lovely ladies all have Etsy shops and/or blogs.  Check them out on the left hand side of my blog under "Private Sponsors."

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Bring it on October!
  • I got my fifth Hub of the Day early in September with my How to Make Cupcake Toppers article. I got 11 articles written on HubPages, which is on par for my usual publishing rate there. I am happy that I got that much done with as much writing as I'm doing elsewhere these days and hope to keep it up this month.
  • I still have a couple strong freelance client opportunities going, which is great. It makes it a lot easier to keep writing regularly when I don't have to search for most of my assignments.
  • We are through the crazy social schedule of the summer but are still finding time to do plenty of fun things on the weekends when Jake isn't working (which is most weekends). I have been blessed with the opportunity to join a new Bible study, which has been great. We've been floating the idea of hosting a Halloween party for Jake's co-workers. More on that as it develops.
  • I have my first fall show in a couple weeks! I just have one this month and then have a bunch more in November. Does anyone ever feel ready for a show? No matter how many shows you have done, it seems like there are always so many last minute projects. I'm getting there, though. If you live in the Milwaukee area, please check out my show schedule that I linked at the top of my blog.
What's going on with your business and/or blog for September?

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  1. I didn't know that about Entrecard.
    I met a bunch of great people on there, but then decided to leave because last year too many weird things happened including my blog being hacked.

  2. I always knew Entrecard would fold at some point, but I had a lot of money invested in EC. I paid for that EC on both my blogs. I was also a sponsor and that cost me money. So they took my money and left. I didn't care for that part one bit. I do like all the time I have now. I was really spending a lot of time dropping 600 cards every day.

    Love your new top commenters widget. Good way to keep track of your visitors.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. You're a busy bee! I'm glad you're getting so much writing done these days! And getting ready for shows- gosh, it's hard to believe it's already that time again!

  4. Yikes...I'm slipping on my commenting! Thanks for sharing my name album :)
    That's great about having another Hub of the Day! And the repeat freelance clients!
    I'm not sure how many shows I've done at this point...but I'm still never ready! I've already done two this fall and I'm hurrying to get more ready for the show this weekend! Good luck at your upcoming shows :)

  5. I had never heard of Entrecard, but it seems crazy that they would close up without notifications to their users! I hate that. -_-

    You're doing so awesome with your Hubs! Woohooo! Way to go.
    And it's really cool what you're doing with your Top Commenters. =)
    Love it.

    Good luck with your upcoming shows. I hope to be here and read all about them. =0)

    Hope you're having a great day,
    from Blogging Buddies

  6. We signed up for and used Entrecard when it first came out, but eventually dropped it because my Mommeh didn't have enough time to keep up with all the visiting and dropping cards. But we thought it was a great concept!

  7. I had read on another blog that Entrecard was done and I finally took the widget off my blog. I hadn't done any dropping in quite some time but left the widget there any way. I found so many wonderful blogs through there and that's how my blog really took off. For as much of a pain it got to be I really do owe a lot to EC

  8. I never tried Entrecard. Maybe just as well, although I would be interested if there is anything else out there that helps connect bloggers and get more followers and views. I struggle with that, although I am not as diciplined as you are, Rose!

  9. No, one is never ready for a show! the second the show starts, that's when the preparation ends!
    Congratulations on Hub of the Day! and all your writing clients!
    Thanks for showing off my tie dye T shirt!

  10. I used Entrecard for awhile a few years ago, and met a few lovely bloggers that I still visit. Shame that EC had to bail like that.

    AFA my business and blog, still trying to grow it! :)

  11. congrats. for the Hub of the Day! There's a lot of competition there. I was wondering what happened to EC - it wasn't working for about 2 weeks and I finally took it off my blog. I'll miss it. One day, I'll pay for advertising, but for now, I don't sell enough to do that. Thanks for the shout out! {:-D

  12. Sounds like you have a lot going on, and plans for a busy holiday season. Congrats on you fifth hub of the day, that awesome! Thanks for sharing my hair pins in your list of top commenters.
    Everyday Inspired

  13. Thanks for the feature! I can't believe its already October.

  14. Entrecard had a great service/concept, i discovered so many great blogs through Entrecard, too bad that they closed.


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