Thursday, August 22, 2013

N is for (Urban) Nature

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Are you ready for another round of Alphabe Thursday? Let's go!

One of the many things that I love about living in Milwaukee is that I only have to drive five or ten miles to feel like I'm completely out of the city. While I love living in an area with lots of restaurants, stores, looming architecture, and city roads, I also love being right near Lake Michigan, beaches, woods, and trails.

Today I'm sharing just a few of my favorite urban nature shots from Milwaukee. Enjoy.

I love to post at least one older photo in these Alphabe posts. This shot is from my first excursion to Klode Park. It quickly became one of my favorite spots in the city.
Klode Park, May 2012

Lake Park, March 2013

Grant Park, April 2013

Whitnall Park, May 2013

Lake Park, May 2013

Estabrook Park, May 2013

McKinley Marina, May 2013

Elm Grove Park, June 2013

Boerner Botanical Gardens, June 2013

Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse, July 2013

Atwater Beach, July 2013

Back at Grant Park, August 2013

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  1. What an awesome set of photos! I can't even begin to choose a favorite this time!
    I love living in a rural area, but I sure wish the city was just a little closer.

  2. That waterfall is insane! I can't believe that's in the city!

  3. My favorite cities are the ones on the water! It always seems to take the edge off the urban setting. Nice photos!

  4. I agree with Paige - the waterfall photo is incredible!
    Your area certainly has a lot to offer!

  5. Salt Lake City is the same way. You can drive 15 minutes and be in the mountains.

    lovely shots...

  6. Beautiful photos!! Did you show a different shot of that boat before? I seem to remember it, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, it's awesome!

  7. Beautiful parks! Some of those shots are wall-worthy for sure!!

  8. You make Milwaukee seem quite appealing!

  9. Dear Rose, Beautiful pictures, though my favorite is the black and white rocks with water and the path; Lake Park and Estabrook Park.
    Blessings dear and a hug, Catherine xo

  10. Welcome to Instagram! I love it too.
    I love seeing pics of blogger friends from all around the world - you certainly live in a very picturesque part of it :-)

  11. Beautiful images! (instagram follow done!)

  12. We have nature just minutes away too and I love it! Your photos are so beautiful and make me want to explore Milwaukee's nature!

  13. We are blessed to have beautiful nature spots close, also. Great shots!

  14. Love that last picture!! Awesome!

  15. If you didn't tell me I would have never believed that these photographs were taken near Milwaukee...

    They seem like they are deep in nature in some National park or something!

    Nicely done...

    Thanks for linking to the letter "N"!


  16. Gorgeous photos!! My grandmother lived in West Allis, and although we went to the Zoo and other sites, I dont remember ever heading over to these places when we would go up for vacations.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I am late my blog visits! but happy to be here.


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