Tuesday, January 21, 2014

in the works / life lately

Just a few of the things that have been going on around here lately...

The whole world has looked like this. For over a month straight. Over it.

I know that snowflakes on the windows aren't anything unusual, but they only happen at this house when we reach negative temperatures outside.

I didn't get all of the Christmas decorations put away until the middle of the month. Jake and I hosted a final holiday party on January 11 so I had a little bit of an excuse to wait so long.

Between all of the holiday happenings and then getting a ton of leftovers from the previously mentioned holiday party, I haven't been doing a ton of cooking this month. I recently got motivated to roast some sweet and white potatoes for skillets and soups, though.

 Just trying to keep things colorful when the outside world is so white and gray.

During November and December, I made so many rainbow and Christmas designs that I had a hard time clearing my beading space and working with any other palettes. I'm finally doing some much needed re-stocking of blue designs, including ombre blue button charm bracelets.

Seeing as I haven't done a real outdoor photo excursion in over a month (so ridiculous, I know), there is no reason that I shouldn't be up to date with my product photography. But when has that ever really happened?

When I do have my camera out to work on said product photography, I always seem to end up taking a lot just a few pictures of the boys, too.

What's been going on in your life lately?


  1. I miss going on outdoor excursions, too! I got to arboretum once a couple of weeks ago on a weirdly warm day, but as you know it's been like the top of Mount Everest around here... Sigh.

  2. But orange kitties are SO photogenic, how could you resist?

  3. Your kitties are so adorable! Love them :)
    That really is too much snow. We're supposed to get some this week too...

  4. Those snowflakes on the window are beautiful! I can't even imagine what all that cold and snow is like.

  5. Love those icicles on the window--so pretty! Looking forward to seeing your new blue bracelets--and boy-oh-boy can I ever relate to doing things in the same palette over and over again. Over the holidays, I did gray and lack repeatedly because that is what sold.

  6. It's fun seeing your life in photos lately! I worried about him on the chair in that box but then remembered you have very bendy, rugged Mancats!

  7. Love the snowflake photo -- and the boys are so cute!

  8. I'm so glad we haven't had much snow this year...but those snowflakes are so pretty!
    And I love your sparkly nails...great colors too!
    I'm pretty sure "product photography" and "up-to-date" don't ever go in the same sentence...lol :)

  9. Boys are always alluring subjects!
    When the world outside is cold and white, one turns to inside more colorful, warmer subjects (like cuddly kitties!).


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