Thursday, January 23, 2014

J is for Just a Few of My Favorites

Are you ready for another round of Alphabe Thursday? Let's go!

This week I'm repeating a topic: just a few of my favorites. Do you have photos that you keep coming back to over and over again? Maybe you have them printed or framed or maybe you just pull them up on your computer when you need a smile. Today I'm sharing just a few of my personal favorites that I've taken over the past six months since the last favorites post. Enjoy.

Grant Park, August 2013
Cudahy Cycle Shop, August 2013

Wisconsin State Capitol, August 2013
Kenosha, WI, September 2013
Milwaukee Art Museum, September 2013

Racine, WI, October 2013

My brother's wedding, November 29, 2013

Apollo, December 2013

Grant Park, December 2013

The Pfister Hotel, December 2013

The Pfister Hotel, December 2013

Jake and Apollo, Christmas Day 2013

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  1. I love the reflection of the trees on the water. And your Christmas tree looks great too. Such a sweet picture of Jake and Apollo :)

  2. Rose, you are a gifted photographer! I think I have said this before, but today IT BEARS REPEATING!!

  3. The Racine photo is a double r. =) Yes, I have a few pictures that I love looking at, even though my camera and photography are much better now.

  4. a great group!
    I love the fun of the cycle shop.

  5. I love the one of Wisconsin State Capitol! The way you captured the reflection like that on the other building is so cool!

  6. They are all beautiful! What a nice assortment...

  7. Love the last photo! The photo of Apollo alone is gorgeous too with the black background. And I love the wine glasses one too. Great captures Rose!

  8. All wonderful photos! Love your perspective on the state capital building!

  9. those are great pics! Love the beautiful building angles, and the water, of course. Nice to see that your photography has come so far! {:-D

  10. Dear Rose, Real nice pictures. You are a good photographer. Blessings, Catherine xo

  11. And why not, I'd be jumping for joy if I'd taken such lovely photos - in fact you can go on all year with clever titles!!
    My favourite is Apollo as long as he/she doesn't eat me!
    Wren x

  12. Beautiful photos. Works of art. I love the one of Apollo -- beautiful eyes. The Milwaukee Art Museum photo is striking. I LOVE skyscapes. (In the Midwest, we don't have much in the way of scenery -- but we have BEAUTIFUL expanses of sky. God's painting canvas?) The photo of the capitol is great, too. I love how the modern building is juxtaposed with the traditional old capitol building -- and the way you've captured the reflection is amazing.

  13. I love how photographs allow you to experience a moment of joy every time you see them...

    I can see why these are some of your favorites... They are amazing!

    Thanks for linking to the letter "J".



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