Wednesday, January 29, 2014

photo outtakes

Welcome to another round up of photo outtakes. I think that it's really important to discuss the fact that I take a ton of photos to get a few gems. Also, while I keep improving my skills, I still make a lot of mistakes.

 One of the inevitable auto focus fails that shows up in just about every single set. And for those of you wondering where I was shooting in January that was so green, no, I didn't take it this past month, just finally got around to editing the set.

One of those deliberately blurry shots that failed.

Blurry mess. The background blends into the leaves in the foreground too much, making for a distracting composition.

Another blurry mess with too many highlights. I could save a lot of the shot post-process, but it isn't worth the effort because the shot isn't very interesting.

I thought that the close up details here would be more interesting.

Dizzying angle.

When I exported this out of Lightroom and into my outtakes folder, I titled it "don't even know," which is about right. The subject isn't interesting, the angle doesn't work, and the fluorescent light distracts from anything interesting that is there (which really isn't much so it doesn't even matter).

Another focus fail. Thankfully I did have some shots in this little set that turned out much better.

This shot wasn't a kitty-moving-and-blurring-the-shot fail, it was a human-not-using-manual-focus-properly fail.

Poor washed out kitty. I did get a shot that wasn't nearly as washed out, although the back lighting is still pretty harsh.
Don't be afraid to share your outtakes every once in a while. It makes everyone feel better.


  1. Great idea! I take a gazillion photos until I get the one I want, but usually delete as I go.

  2. Excellent! I was asked once - what is the difference between an amateur and a professional photographers. The answer - the amount of photos they take of one subject. This is good practice and you are learning from your outtakes. I take a lot of photos too. My delete button is worn out from all the discarded photos!

  3. I have take so many awful photos I am happy there is a delete button! Thanks for sharing your outtakes, it's nice to know even people with photography experience make mistakes.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. I took some appallingly bad photos yesterday while on a hike! And some really bad ones at home, for that matter. It's been so grey and rainy lately that it's been challenging to get decent shots!

  5. If it's any consolation, even your outtakes are getting better than they were so you are most certainly improving your photography skills! I take so many photos and even if I look at them on the camera, they always look different when downloaded.

  6. I'm laughing at "I don't even know." That happens to me a lot when I try to take pictures in the house. The natural lighting in here is so bad most of the time I'm like, "What was that supposed to be?"

  7. We all have those not-so-good photos. I can sometimes take a lot to get one good one. Other times I'm luckier. I like to experiment--try an angle, a subject. Sometimes these turn out rather awful.


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